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How will my .json and .html backed up bookmarks import?

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Firefox 3.6.28 OS 10.4.11 Ibook G4


I back up regularly both as .json and as .html. With the .json back up, I remove the date each time I back up so there's an over-write and there's only one .json back up file in my Backup Folder.

I've never had to import bookmarks back into Firefox, but I've had a crash that's wiped out my Firefox bookmarks in the Firefox program where I kept the bookmarks in a very carefully indexed system of categories and menus that dropped down from the toolbar.

When I import .json or .html back into Firefox, will my menubars re-set to the way I had them? I remember from a long time ago using Safari, I restored backed up favorites, and what I got was a long list of titled links which wasn't anything like the way I'd set the favorites up in the first place. I hope I don't get the restoration like that this time with Firefox. In addition, when I press 'Import' from the file menu, I'm only given the option of importing from Safari. That's not what I want to do. I have "Backups" in a designated folder in my Documents in the Finder and that's where I need to pull them from.

There's something about "Profile" regarding Firefox that I've not known about that may have been something I needed to do in relation to Bookmarks.

I would appreciate any help you could provide to help me my bookmarks back in place.



PS Regarding "Troubleshooting Information". I had to do it manually because the function doesn't support my veersion of Firefox.

  "# A new window will open. Click on a button called Copy text to clipboard."

Did That

  "# Paste the info in the text box below."

Did That

  * Click on the empty box above this text.

I don't see an "empty box above this text." The box above isn't empty. It contains my question.

So the following don't make sense because I already Pasted below.

   * Look at the top of your screen, and click the menu item called Edit.
   * A small box will open. Click on the item called Paste. Alternatively, type Ctrl+V or Command+V.
   * Some text will appear in the empty box.

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Thanks John99, Presumably you have tried… No. I haven't tried any of these. I've kept my last backups (JSON and HTML) since the crash (loss) in their backup folder and haven't wanted to touch them until I am sure of what I'm doing. However I'll take your suggestions under advisement as I go through the feedback from you and the others. It will take me a little time to go through this current material you all have provided since I'm having at the same time to take care of other obligations.

Thinking of options not involving profiles, and your comment about an encyclopedia of HTML bookmarks. Presumably you have tried

  1. importing HTML into the bookmarks library
     They append to the end as a flat list and may be dragged and dropped into folders or nested folders.
  2. directly opening the HTML as a Firefox Tab
     Those lists will not drag and drop.But they will copy and paste. Or will open as tabs that may be manipulated or bookmarked.
  3. (there is even a method of opening a copy of the library as a tab that may make dragging and dropping easier if there is a very long list of folders and HTML bookmarks) 
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Make copies of whatever you have, including your original HTML backups and backup your bookmarks both before and whilst you work on them. That way you do not loose anything if you make a mistake.

Sounds like you have quite a bit of work to do and not much spare time,
good luck.

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make copies Thanks for reminding me of that. That's something that occurred to me to do. I could use the duplicate to mess around with the recovery solutions while maintaining an untouched backup. That's what you mean, right? In addittion, you say just HTML, but I thought that in last months dialogues it was emphasized that it's the .JSON files that are more important. Yes. No spare time. I'm getting a novel published: Rafael Montserrat UNCHARTED VOYAGE (overt commercial. Merchandizers are unscrupulous. I promise to restrain myself.)

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