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Lolu chungechunge lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

I'm trying to find a folder in bookmarks, so I enter (control-F) the folder displays in the found items window, but I have no way of knowing what folder it is stored in. I want to find the folder so I can move it and consolidate duplicate folders.

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I bookmarked a site today, and the bookmark dialogue box said the site is already bookmarked in a folder. So I open the library to look at my existing folders, and can not find any folder by that name. I conclude it must be nested deep in some other folder, which means I have to manually scroll through, open every folder with nested folders to find it, because even though I can find the folder in the search box, it doesn't tell me where it is nested. I tried sorting the folders by name, but still face the same problem of only being able to see the top level folders, and not the nested ones. When I do a search in Mac Finder for a document, it lists the found item, and at the bottom of the finder window it shows the hierarchy of folders that contain the individual document.

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I'm trying to find a folder in bookmarks, so I enter (control-F) the folder displays

Everything I'm familiar with for bookmarks are the search boxes, why would you be using something called Mac Finder to work with bookmarks. Use the "Library List" (" Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + B"), and yes you will need a column for the Parent Folder.

Install the "Show Parent Folder" (has an option) and the "Go to Parent" (also helpful) extensions for what you want, you really want to read the knowledge base article though.

Sorting and rearranging bookmarks - Firefox (and working with bookmarks)

For information on the extensions that I use, see For information on keyword shortcuts, see

If this solves your problem, please mark as solved.

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Marking a solution as not helpful does not help anyone, because it is not saying why the solution is no good.

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Why do we have to install 2 add ins for something that should be built in? Please add this to the next version or an update to this one even. We should see the full path of a bookmark when we search for it. Show Parent Folder alone isn't enough if you have sub folders, so I installed Go Parent Folder as well in case of sub folders.

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Why do we have to install 2 add ins for something that should be built in? Please add this to the next version or an update to this one even.'

Short answer: Because it is not in Firefox, and there is no way tthat your marking a reply as not good because it is not in Firefox is going to help anyone at all. It certainly won't be seen by Firefox project managers, everyone here is a Firefox user and we work with what we have now.

Explanation: Yes it should have been built-in to Firefox from the start, I agree with you, and I'm sure most users here would agree with you, but we are users and we work with what we have.

These extensions were created by developers who more or less agree that it should be in Firefox, but they can do something about it and did. They wrote extensions to do what was wanted. I think all of the extensions written by Alice White (White Alice) were specifically written following up on a bug report to show how it can/could be done.

Extensions are part of what make Firefox better than the other browsers, along with being more customizable than any other browser, and the fact that Firefox has keyword shortcuts.

Let's look at the opposite, we have a great extension that we use, somehow the Mozilla Firefox developers decide it should be and will be incorporated into Firefox and they tell everybody that it will be in the next version of Firefox, you don't see any part of it in the betas until near the end. The extension developer says their extension will not be updated because it will be in Firefox. But what actually happens is that only a small part of the extension and without any options gets into Firefox, so you still need the old extension that was not updated, and that old extension ends up having to support older versions of Firefox along with newer versions of Firefox. The result is more bloat than if Mozilla had done nothing.