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Frequent Firefox Crashes

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I am very disappointed with Firefox because of VERY FREQUENT CRASHES! I have the following crash reports:

bp-2544f95b-926b-4b8f-b0e1-6c9740200720	7/19/2020 8:43 PM
bp-0b9fdd52-483e-4581-97d5-861d10200619	6/19/2020 4:06 PM
bp-5b3993e3-5adc-4e32-b802-ce4c20200619	6/19/2020 1:13 PM
bp-3c2a8dd5-3a51-47cc-8839-def410200405	4/4/2020 9:09 PM
bp-03a34b6a-6a74-4dd7-912e-1f13e0200720	7/19/2020 8:43 PM
bp-cdb8fe65-262e-4996-b7fe-49d5e0200720	7/19/2020 8:43 PM
bp-68d37e22-b489-4d63-8510-4a1590200720	7/19/2020 8:43 PM
bp-afc84b54-9e95-4cde-ba08-004910200720	7/19/2020 8:43 PM
bp-5bf341c1-bd41-4dca-8265-3317a0200720	7/19/2020 8:43 PM
bp-8be1cee7-a3c6-40d6-ba06-dad220200720	7/19/2020 8:43 PM
bp-30bdb348-5713-4934-afc7-23ade0200720	7/19/2020 8:43 PM
bp-9d81d0a3-2cb8-4924-97e3-add9e0200720	7/19/2020 8:43 PM
bp-bcccc6a2-4cf3-44ec-95db-690590200720	7/19/2020 8:43 PM
table end

I have run Firefox in Safe Mode, and I still get the crashes, often on a Checkout page after getting an order together. My software is updated to the latest versions available, and I have kept my security up to date. If we cannot find a fix to stop all this crashing, I'll have to give up on Firefox as being highly unreliable. Since I am totally blind, RELIABILITY IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME!

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Isisombululo esikhethiwe

Note that those reports are from last month from an older Firefox version.

The reports look font related (OpenType), so maybe check your fonts or at least the current default font(s) and possibly try to set another as the default font.
If you have a lot of fonts then maybe uninstall some fonts that you do not need.

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Product Firefox Release Channel release Version 77.0.1
Build ID 20200602222727 (2020-06-02)


Signature: OT::ArrayOf<T>::sanitize<T>


tmmon64.dll = Trend Micro UMH Monitor Engine

Okulungisiwe ngu FredMcD

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Make sure all software is up to date.

Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link}

A small dialog should appear. Click Start In Safe Mode (not Refresh). Is the problem still there?

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Isisombululo Esikhethiwe

Note that those reports are from last month from an older Firefox version.

The reports look font related (OpenType), so maybe check your fonts or at least the current default font(s) and possibly try to set another as the default font.
If you have a lot of fonts then maybe uninstall some fonts that you do not need.

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Being totally blind and not a "computer guru," I'm even more baffled than I was when I wrote my original question. While I know that several of my crashes were from a month or more back - one even back in April - I understood that you folk wanted the whole list of crash reports, so I sent all of them. But several of the crashes were on July 19, 2020, which was only yesterday. As far as fonts are concerned, I have no idea what is an "OpenType font." The only fonts of which I know on my computer are the fonts that came with Windows 10; I haven't knowingly installed any fonts. I also have no idea how to change the "DEFAULT FONT" in Firefox; I thought it just ran in the default font of Windows 10. Please bear in mind, too, that my screen reader (JAWS Version 2020) just reads out the words and cares nothing about fonts, so I am virtually unaware of what font is running. The only thing I know in this connection is that while the Checkout Page to enter a payment method at Radio Shack crashed every time I got there with Firefox, it worked reliably and didn't crash in Google Chrome, though I HATE google Chrome because it pops up so darned many "Notifications" of which I have absolutely no interest. I'd rather use Firefox, but I have to somehow solve the problem of frequent crashing. I wish there were a way to lock down Firefox so that it would display ONLY ONE FONT, no matter what font came from the page I was trying to read. For my part, I couldn't care less about what font comes in; I just want something that works reliably. So I will appreciate any help, especially any EXPLICIT STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS on what to try on my HP desktop PC running Windows 10 at the latest version and the JAWS screen reader. Since I don't know of any control I have over the font the guy chooses to send on his website (Radio Shack's Online Store in this case), I need to know how I can make Firefox or Windows 10 use only one font such as a simple Courier typeface (that's the font they used at the office where I worked before I retired). Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

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If you can, please post the crash reports for the last few days.


Type about:preferences#general<enter> in the address bar. Across from fonts and colors, press the Advanced button. On the bottom, turn on Allow Web Sites To Choose Their Own.

Fonts Information - Detected via Flash

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OK, I found one crash report from Firefox 78.0.2.

  • Firefox 78.0.2 Crash Report [@ RtlSizeHeap | NS_FaultTolerantHeap::APIHook_RtlFreeHeap ]

This crash report looks like related to the Windows block list for injected DLLs.

Boot the computer in Windows Safe mode with network support to see if that has effect in case security software is causing problems.

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This is a little long, but it was supposed to go to Mozilla feedback, which they have shutdown. So there is no way to get in touch with Firefox support other than this forum. Bear with me.

The most recent upgrade to Firefox has been a disaster for my PC. And if you don't fix the bugs soon, I am going to change to Microsoft Edge or Chrome. I hate that because I have used Firefox for years, so I hate to change. I use my PC at home to conduct my business because of covid. So I use my PC several hours a day. So it is frustrating to be in a couple hours of work and then Firefox crashes. This happens at least 4 to 5 times a day. First of all when I open Firefox it takes forever to load. But once it loads, it is fine for a couple hours and then.....Crash! And when it does, it locks up my entire PC. I can't even restart or shutdown via Windows 10. I have to turn the power off to reboot. Your probably going to say it is my PC that is the problem. So let me tell about my PC before we go down that road. I have 2 PC's, one for entertainment and one for business. On the latter. it has a i7 Intel processor and 16mb ram with a 1 terabyte SSD hard drive. And I also limit the programs and apps to only essential items related to my business. And I use Microsoft Excel the most and no other programs running. So it is very fast. And no problems with any other software. And this problem only started with the lasted upgrade. So please fix the bugs. I want to stay with Firefox. Thank you!

Larry Jordan