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I have lost all my mails sent between 01/12/18 (I am using English date formats) and now. I note that on the first date was Setup 60.3.2 and 0n 22.3.202

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to continue: there was Programmes (X86) Orange have told me the correct parameters and on looking, I have those. Orange say all those mails sent are lost forever, true?, and I find my mails sent now do not appear in Sent. SO I lose sent mails in the past and in the future? Thanks for any help.

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SO I lose sent mails in the past and in the future?

For the latter: At the top right of the Thunderbird window, click the menu button > Options > Account Settings - Copies & Folders

When sending messages, automatically: Check the box 'Place a copy in:' and select your Sent folder.

Wrt the lost messages, do you have a backup you can restore?


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