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The Quick Filter toolbar helps you limit the number of messages that are displayed in the message list. It can be used, for example, to only show messages from the specific sender, messages containing a specific word or messages with attachments.

The Quick Filter toolbar is displayed above the message lists. You can show or hide it by clicking the Filter icon Quick Filter button in your toolbar or with the keyboard shortcut Esc to hide it and Ctrl + Shift + KCommand + Shift + K to bring it back.

Quick Filter

After you enter filter terms in the search box, you will be given the option to apply the filter to the Sender, Recipients, Subject and/or Body of the messages in the list. (Click the relevant buttons to apply the filter.)

Quick Filter SRSB

The buttons on the left side of the toolbar can be used on their own or combined with words entered in the filter field.

Quick Filter buttons

The buttons have the following functions:

58a45f7d9afb60d67caca62e36ccc739-1288742354-179-1.jpg Keep the same filter parameters when changing to another mail folder.
UnreadShows all the unread emails.
StarredShows emails that have been starred.
ContactShows emails from people in your address book.
TagsShows emails that have been tagged. See below for full details.
AttachmentShow emails with attachments.

Searching for multiple tags

If you have tagged some emails using Thunderbird and click on Tags, you will see all the tags displayed to the right of the drop down menu on the left. Using this drop down menu, you will be able to search for multiple tags in the following three ways:

  • search for all emails tagged with any of the highlighted tags by clicking on Any of and then clicking on one or more tags to highlight the desired tags
  • search for all emails tagged with all of of the highlighted tags by clicking on All of and then clicking on one or more tags to highlight the desired tags
  • exclude messages having certain tags from your search results by right-clicking on the tag (you'll see a strike-through-effect on the tag's button; the meaning is "must not have this tag")


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