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How can I restore the previous download toolkit UI in FF26?

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Updated to FF26 earlier today. I just now noticed that the download manager is different, rather, it is the new version that has been available for a while. I have been using the older toolkit that was available in earlier versions through about:config and enabling the toolkit option. That option is still checked as true but the toolkit remains the same (the newer version).

How can I revert to the older download toolkit without restoring to an earlier version?

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  • Bug 948964 - "" not working anymore after updating to FF 26
  • Bug 928349 - Add a build-time setting to use only the JavaScript API for downloads, and enable it in Firefox for Desktop
  • Bug 899110 - Remove the code to switch between different back-ends from the Downloads Panel

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Apparently the old dialog has been removed completely. Someone might have created a new add-on to simulate it, but I haven't seen any mentioned on the forum yet (in the past day).

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Related bugs:

  • Bug 948964 - "" not working anymore after updating to FF 26
  • Bug 928349 - Add a build-time setting to use only the JavaScript API for downloads, and enable it in Firefox for Desktop
  • Bug 899110 - Remove the code to switch between different back-ends from the Downloads Panel

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THIS NEEDS TO COME BACK LIKE YESTERDAY! You nerds can go and pudry up the GUI all you like e.g. Australis. But why do you have to trample over the things that made Firefox great? Was it to much to just leave Firefox the way it was (and, thankfully still is in the 24 ESR?). I don't know what I'll be using Once you guys decide to turn the Tap on this Version too? But, I can tell ya I'll be (and, currently am) searching for something to replace Firefox as my Browser. As its becoming more, and more clear that the Mozilla Devs have simply lost every plot.

This may have been hinted at for Months on end in these "Dark Corners" I really shouldn't have to be arsed into having to post something so trite as this. I know that this will never get to where it needs to go, and, no One will read it either. But, you're turning this Once great Browser into a Windows 8 Grade "A" Turd!

Please stop this crap...

Signed a unhappy Firefox user....

Grab Pale Moon.

Removed unrelated link. Do not link to other sites. Read Mozilla Support rules and guidelines -b

Moses மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Has its problems, but at least it's the old window.

Edit: I concur with the post above that recommends switching to Palemoon. It still retains a bunch of legacy features Mozilla have removed or changed over the last few revisions, like the download window. After seeing how effortless the switch is and how identical to Firefox it is, I've switched over. No more bad decisions from Mozilla for me.

You could use the ESR version, but why bother when there's a superior alternative?

DAOWAce மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

EDIT: Following the advice in this topic, I'm rolling back to 24.2.0. I'm linking both the topic and the link here to those who want another option besides the apparent one of just accepting less options, because that's what make software great. Hope it helps a few people out.

Think of new username. Verify username. Enter password, verify e-mail. Rinse, wash repeat; another extraneous task with extraneous numbers to remember, another hassle created simply because something was purposely changed in an effort to appeal to the vapidly touch-typing ill-informed information drones of today.

I realize this is a very small thing, and I realize that with how big Firefox has gotten, the chance of anyone caring is probably pretty low, but I don't want to have to grab an add-on (especially given that downloads-window doesn't remove the glowing green arrow or fix the oddness of the 'new' and oh-so-useful download merger, nor am I understanding of why a feature should be entirely removed, especially when there were thousands of views in a topic similar to this several months back.

Though that topic was eventually locked, I'd like to state my sincere hopes this is just a bug and not a permanent design decision. Thanks.

Edit: Ugh, apparently replies don't cache under the comments they correlate to. I'll be editing those to make them more legible.

WordEdgewise மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

DAOWAce - Thank you, it'll do as a temporary fix.

WordEdgewise மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Ryrynz - Thank you, I am considering it strongly.

WordEdgewise மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Ichijoe2112 - This is what all the 'technorati' seem to do these days. I guess there's a belief that if you aren't crapping out new features, you aren't 'innovating' - regardless of whether the new features are more intrusive then inventive, or take more options then they give... Anyway, strongly seconded.

WordEdgewise மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

cor-el - Thank you very much for the information, cor-el. Can I have confirmation this is a bug and not a planned removal of the feature? Given that it was already consigned to something only 'power'-users are likely to know about, I'd appreciate any more information you might know.

WordEdgewise மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

The preference does indeed not work (as of Firefox 26.0b1 and newer) as the old backend code they could not maintain anymore was removed. This preference was only temporary as it was not intended to be used long term or permanent as some users who discovered this preference ever since Firefox 20.0 may have thought.

Thank you for the information, James; it is appreciated. However, I'm curious - was this single small section of code such a drain on FF's resources that updating the code was out of the question?

I don't think *any* end-users were under the implication that an option shoved into an obscure part of the about:config file was going to be maintained, but there were some beliefs that an option that had not only been the default at some point, but was preferred by a sizable portion of users, might be retained or returned in some official capacity. preference itself was not the issue it was the old download manager back-end that could not be maintained.

A comment from back in April for reading as bugzilla is not a discussion forum like here. bugzilla bug 845403 comment 5

removed direct link as Bugzilla is Not a discussion forum.

James மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Again - thanks, that's very enlightening.

Taken from your Link...

(In reply to Joshua Smith [:joshua-s] from comment #1) > I don't think this is a very good idea. A lot of users still prefer the old > downloads window to the panel.

How many is "a lot"?

I'd say a the vast majority. Again Firefox is a step ahead in terms of Open Source. In that this Vast Majority haven't even noticed it yet. Firefox just worked (Up till recently!), and is such a utility toolbox that the fact that we, the users have to raise up our Pitchforks against this senseless change for changes sake is starting to grate. Simple fact just case your not "hearing" anything back from your "User-base", doesn't mean that they aren't using it.

You Dev's totally f'ed up Firefox royally on Android by insisting on the Awesome Screen that is NO SUCH A THING, and is only just another HUGE HINDRANCE to get to a useable Homescreen / Page. Your doing so again, this time on the Desktop. Have you guys asked yourselves why Windows 8 is such the hit that is? Seems to me that this is where you Devs' want to drag Firefox down to. AND YOUR DOING AN EXCELLENT JOB OF IT TOO!!

So the old Download Windows doesn't jive with the Private Browsing (whatever), as if I ever used Private whatever?! I think more work should be done to make it work. Or fork Firefox for those that need this Private Browser junk, and a classic Firefox that just works for the rest of us. Till you can remerge the Code again...

Why is any of the crap in the new download window needed? It's fluff; useless junk made to look pretty for the everyday idjit.

Seriously... why would I need to see bookmarks in the download window? I will never open the download window to use bookmarks. I can go straight to the bookmark tab in the browser. Same with all the other 'new and improved' crap that has been forced upon us with this busted new download window; superfluous junk.

Why on Earth would I need or want to open this new 'Library' window to check any of that shit? It's all right there more easily accessible in the main browser. I personally don't use history or tags to begin with, but I guess some people might. Why would they take an extra step to do it though?

Something else I don't do... keep the download window open to watch the downloads! Is there really some expectation that people are going to use these things simultaneously (download monitoring + redundant 'additions')? I can't understand the thought process here.

There's just no benefit whatsoever to this Library garbage. No one is really going to be checking out their downloads while they browse or organize bookmarks to the point that this change is even remotely useful. That's about the only thing I can think of that this ridiculousness could **possibly** bring to the table; being able to 'actively' monitor downloads while doing one of the other few things you can now do with that window open.

Get real, though. No one is using that window for anything but accessing the stuff they downloaded once it's done or to check the progress.

You want to do something useful? Scrap this stupid Library concept and get back to the old download window. Or keep it as a totally separate function (would almost be awesome to see the data on how often it's used and what people think of it when they have options) and make a download window like the old one that works with the current setup.

Agree with most of the above. Tried to revert the old behavior in FF26 and now tools>download or hitting a download button simply freezes the browser. I don't know what tweak caused it, and re-installing didn't help. Until this is fixed and FF26 is working properly with the downloads button/window, I'll be reverting to 24 or earlier. Actually I'd prefer 3.6 or lower, but apparently that's not "secure" any more. I DO have a browser that runs on 3.6, but don't use it because I've been told it's "not secure." I'd like to see Mozilla go back to major version changes only every two years or so.. and support the ones older than that with security updates. If we could throw out all the crap they've put on since 4.0 I'd be happy, Lets get version 3.8 or something instead.

^ I 'upgraded' from 3.6 to 12 because of compatibility/performance issues I was sick of suffering from.

I would love to go back, but unless someone creates a new browser like it, we're stuck with whatever Mozilla decides to do. Third party compilations (like Palemoon) can only do so much..

Why oh why does Mozilla make it so hard to just use their browser the way I want to? I use the download manager to manage the list of things that I've downloaded. Once I've run the installer, watched the video, or listened to the podcast I've downloaded; I remove it from my download list. I do not want a full list of everything I've ever downloading including items I've removed from the list using the old manager, I do not want to have to fully remove the download from my history and mark download links as unvisited in order to remove a download from the list, and I do not want or need to access my history or bookmarks from the download manager.

First I needed to purposely add a partially completed download in order to keep a download manager window open by itself, then I had to find and mess with configuration settings in order to simply keep using the download manager that allows me to manage my downloads without messing with my browser history, and now this.

BTSaito, the bugzilla bugs are not a discussion forum nor a feedback section.

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