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Firefox 6.0 not compatible with 1Password!

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  • Last reply by Dan Warne

Just upgraded to FF 6.0 and its not compatible with 1password 3.7.5 (latest version as of 17AUG11

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Going back to (unstable FF 5.X) - at least I don't have to remember 300 passwords then!

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Thanks indeed for the update - giving it a try now...

Anyone know what happened to the 1Password Toolbar in the 1P 3.8 update for FF6.0. the 1P button appears in my normal FF toolbar, and the right click option at username on a site seems have gone missing...!

Granted the 1P button is similar implementation to Safari (which I don;t really use), but I like the 1Password toolbar and right click!!

IanB மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Now I read on the Agile posts that the new FF extension framework does not support the TOOLBAR concept as in previous versions, and Agile/1Password are saying "sorry not toolbar as FF6 wont support it'....

Is that true Mozilla???

If it is there will be a lot of very pi$$ed of people.... me included!!

One of the reasons I use(d) FF is the 1 Password toolbar functionality - winner combination.

1Password 3.8.2 shows up in my Firefox 6.0 toolbar, but plug-in not reliable -- does not autocomplete in most sites and the copy functions does not work.

I went back to FF 5.X with the old 1Password ass-in - it functions correctly, and has the toolbar + right click fill-in cabalility THAT WORKS...

Agile are saying Mozilla has done away with the ability to add toobars from FF6.X onwards in their 'framework'...

Not sure why - seems dumb to me!

the 1P button as it (nominally) functions in FF6 onwards is a massive retrograde step in 1Password functionality IMHO + a few hundred others if you read the 1 Password forums!!

Bring back the toolbar.

The new functionality is like being forced to go back to a stick-shift manual car after years of driving an auto....

I've gone back to the "auto" - for now...

I have not been able to verify the claim that Mozilla has done away with the ability to add a toolbard in the new extension framework. If its true, its VALE FIREFOX for me....


Sorry you're having that problem with 1Password, but Toolbars most definitely work in Firefox 6 (7, 8, +9). I am using various toolbar extensions in all four versions, which work fine as long as they are updated properly.

Sounds like Agilebits needs to re-write their Toolbar to work with Firefox 6+ versions, and spend a little bit of time reviewing the Mozilla Developer Network website to learn about what has changed recently with regards to Firefox 6.0.

Many thanks for the reply. Most helpful indeed! I'll take that back to the Agilebits folks. I have not been on their forum for a few days - since last week when I reverted back to FF5 and the 1Password 3.7 extension that does work (with toolbar) on FF5 as it always did in past FF versions.... I really like FF and use it pretty much exclusively on Mac and PC platfroms I use! I've been a FF fan since the early days of FF.....

Hi Ian,

We didn't say that Mozilla has done away with the toolbar support. I'm not sure where the confusion came from.

What should've been explained is that we had to make the change to our extension to make it compatible with Firefox 6 and future versions. The changes we made does not make it feasible to include the toolbar (not a limitation of Firefox 6 but within our extension). Everything is certainly possible but the rapid schedule that Mozilla has made for new Firefox updates are forcing us to develop a new extension from the ground up, so that it does not break every time Mozilla releases a new Firefox update which is every 6 weeks. That does not give us enough time to ensure stability in our extensions.

At this moment, we're focusing on a consistent extension experience for all browsers, so that we can focus on bringing new features and consistent support for everybody rapidly instead of focusing on fixing broken extensions every time Mozilla releases a new update. The toolbar is not part of that experience at this moment.

In case anybody ask about why the extension would break, we have dozens of XPCOM binary components that'd need to be recompiled for each major version.

Mike Tselikman

Agile Samurai

AgileBits, Inc.

Mike, Many thanks for the clarification. Also very helpful...

As someone with 40+ years in professional IT - a number of them as a Global CIO, I understand the challenges of roadmap/software development/release management and QA!

I also understand the rationale for making your browser experience common across the platforms - admirable and sensible - as a baseline.

Clearly FF is under some pressure also to enhance their product to remain competitive against Chrome, Safari and IE - viz their aggressive release schedule going forward.

Must admit since going back to FF5 and iP 3.7, I have not looked at the very latest 1P release - perhaps I'll do that in Safari (I have it on my Mac but I don't use it - hate it actually!)

Two CRITICAL features for me are: (1) the right-click functionality on a page to fill-in username and password for an existing site I have credentials on in 1P AND generate a strong password for a new site if I want while registering on a site. (2) auto prompt and capture of credentials on a new site where I've just created a username and password that is not in my 1P dB.

These are in my opinion product DIFFERENTIATORS with 1P

Having to go and click on the 1P button for ANY of this functionality is a massive retrograde step.

The other IMPORTANT feature is TOOLBAR as it is in FF5/1P3.7 combo...

The first two items are CRITICAL for me to continue to be a product advocate. The THIRD is a differentiator/USP for the product (in the FF environment).

I've made the point already, but I think the majority of your FF users of 1P would subscribe to my views on this...

PLEASE bring the TOOLBAR back to life for FF users!


Guys, I understand (to the extent a non-professional can) the respective binds you're in. But surely it's a win-win if you coordinate and accommodate development, and a lose-lose if you don't.

For example, right now I'm simultaneously looking for a 1P replacement compatible with FF, and for a FF replacement compatible with 1P. Whichever I find first, that's the way I'll go. I'm an old geezer, and I want to get stuff done before I croak.

For anyone who doesn't like the new style 1Password extension, you can get an old-style one that's still compatible with Firefox 6 here: