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I updated the new firefox now i have issues in my chatroom it just stops

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I saw a new icon for Firefox on my toolbar but I never downloaded it. I have chat rooms on my site. I entered one room to test someone it worked for my typing about a min then it just stopped. I did a refresh still the same thing.

Thanks Damsel in Distress Natalie

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PS By refresh I mean a Firefox refresh and rebooted pc :)

Thanks so much :)

Hi Natalie, it's difficult to think of a reason for something to stop working after a minute.

Firefox's Content Blocking feature was updated for Firefox 70. Could you click the shield icon toward the left end of the address bar, near the lock icon, and see whether turning off protection for the site makes any difference?

More info on managing the Tracking Protection feature in this article: Content blocking.

Thank you so much. I have content on my site its big so I bet any money thats the issue. In the article I believe it say it can block certain things.

I will go back in and check :) Hopefully this resolves it

Thanks again Natalie

Ok i tried that for my site then removed my trend virus and I was able to type for maybe 5 min then it stopped again

I will talk to my webmaster but i have not had any complaints from clients at all

What are your thoughts now?


Hi Natalie, I don't have any guesses about what is going on with your chat window. Does it seem to be disconnecting from the chat service, or do you still get other peoples' messages showing up?

Ok its a chat and the text just stops. I even took off my Trend. Now the client is having the same issue on her end.

You are webmaster is getting in tonite from out of town but I have like 40 of these chatrooms

This just started after this new Firefox update now one of my people said they are having issues also


The chat does not disconnect you can see the other person typing on my end but nothing shows up and vive versa on their end

Starzcast said

The chat does not disconnect you can see the other person typing on my end but nothing shows up and vive versa on their end

It's puzzling. It sounds as though some information can get through but not all of it.

You could check for error messages in Firefox's Web Console. You can open the Web Console in the lower part of the tab using either:

  • "3-bar" menu button > Web Developer > Web Console
  • (menu bar) Tools > Web Developer > Web Console
  • (Windows) Ctrl+Shift+k

I suggest opening that while chat is still working, and then watch for error or security messages that appear around the time it stops working. Anything that sounds like it could be relevant?

I will try this but it will have to be made universal for all my staff and clients. I sent this to my webmaster so hopefully he will be able to interject something.

The chat modules are just that and I can duplicate them as many time as I want. Right now I have 40

Many who have this same kind of thing will be having issues I bet.

Thank you so much and we will test this and let you know for others also.


Something else was added I see this icon next to my lock on my site. Its for the sound was not there earlier

Also looks like it worked with my webmaster just now but I will give it the rest of the day and let you know

Was there some kinda patch added maybe lol

Thanks again Natalie

The icon is for granting added permissions. I had to beta test 3 sites I own so I know how crucial things can be. LOL my webmaster and I were going nuts lol

Keep you posted you are the best


It turns out that that the reason Firefox add-ons stopped working is that a signing certificate expired. Having determined the cause of the problem, Mozilla has developed a fix for users of the desktop version of Firefox on the Release, Beta and Nightly channels.

Go to the shield button and check the permissions for websites.bcz new firefox 70 has added content blocking feature. check and modify permissions

- Procedure: Open up FB chat with someone, and have both of us type lots of

              messages rapidly.
 - Results: CPU usage starts at 20-40% and FF responds fine.
            As we keep typing messages rapidly, CPU usage rises past 80% to
            100%. This happens much more easily if both parties are typing at
            the same time. If it's just me typing, it maxes out around 70-80%.
            If we keep typing while CPU is at 100%, the screen starts lagging
            behind our typing. If I slow down typing, as long as lagged
            messages are still being caught up on, FF will be unresponsive.
            If we stop typing, after several seconds the lagged messages are
            finished, and then CPU usage goes back down to 20-40%.

Thanks for the replies above.

Shield button I see it but everything is turned to off. There isnt a place for permissions Its not in Facebook that is my concern its 40 chat rooms + that I own. We use javascript not flash

Where are you talking about ? :)



I thought my issue was resolved but it is not. My chat stops working after a min or so.

Can anyone help me with this? The link above was not right

Thanks Natalie

Hi Natalie, were you or your developer able to find any console messages that point toward the source of the problem?

No not at all. We tested it and it worked ok then tonite I tested it again and the same thing happened.

The script goes to the database then back to the client.

This is a stand alone chat room for each advisor and they are all separate.

Quite the mystery