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Cannot upload files to my website since FF upgrade v.33

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I have always been able to upload files from my website host's File manager. Last time was in Feb. 2014 using FF v.27. Since that time FF has been upgraded to v.33 and I can no longer upload any file from my host's File Manger. I can browse and choose the file however the Upload button doesn't it and nothing happens. I have cleared the cache, reset FF, disabled all add ons, etc. still won't work. My wife has FF v.32 on her laptop and I can't even browse for the file on hers. This was tried using a simple .jpg upload to my website. I have been building and maintaining my website for 4 years using the FF browser until this problem occurred. Google Chrome works fine. I contacted my web host and they say it is a FF problem so no help there. Of course I would like to keep FF as my browser but I am not going to maintain another browser like Chrome just for the website use. If I can't get this fixed I'll have to drop FF. And it seems there is no way to contact FF support to get any help, just from other users so I do hope someone has found the answer. I know this similar question has been asked before but I had to create a new question to get this to post here. Thanks. Dave Mason

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Could you "name names" on your host and/or the control panel it uses? That may help in searching for past threads about that particular software to either find a workaround or confirm that it is an unsolved problem.

Meanwhile, could you also check for error messages in Firefox's Browser Console? Here's how I suggest doing that:

(1) Open Firefox's browser console using either:

  • Ctrl+Shift+j
  • "3-bar" menu button > Developer > Browser Console
  • (menu bar) Tools > Web Developer > Browser Console

(2) Click the Clear button to flush the existing messages

(3) Reload the page containing the upload button, then check for script or security error messages in the console

(4) Click the Upload button and select a file, then check for any new messages in the console

(5) If there is a final step to submit the file or start the upload process, trigger that and check for any new messages

You can select and copy (Ctrl+c) content from the console into a reply for comment by volunteers. However, you can ignore style warnings as those seldom will block functionality ("unclick" the CSS button at the top of the console to temporarily hide those messages).

First, I am using as my website host. I was unable to find the name of their control panel. They do say on the website that it is compatible with FF v.3+, as well as Chrome and IE8

Next, I cleared the FF console and then attempted an upload of the file, which is a simple .jpg photo. I got the following info in the FF console:

ReferenceError: gBrowser is not defined about:blank:312 Use of getPreventDefault() is deprecated. Use defaultPrevented instead. c6b02f82a2eedc47284049a43ead81b2.1:534 Use of getAttributeNode() is deprecated. Use getAttribute() instead. c6b02f82a2eedc47284049a43ead81b2.1:535 "Profile_AcctType" c6b02f82a2eedc47284049a43ead81b2.1 line 534 > eval:131 A promise chain failed to handle a rejection. Did you forget to '.catch', or did you forget to 'return'? See

Date: Mon Nov 03 2014 14:46:46 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) Full Message: null ReferenceError: gBrowser is not defined about:blank:312

I don't really know what this means other than there is an error somewhere. Is it with FF or with FatCow? Thanks. Dave Mason

Hi Dave, thank you for checking that. These messages are hard to interpret out of context.

I noticed that your Shockwave Flash plugin and your Java plugin are older versions, particularly Java. FatCow File Manager uses Flash (according to this help article) but you might want to update both of them.

For Flash: (make sure to uncheck any unwanted extras on the page)

For Java: (the place to uncheck unwanted extras is after the installer starts on your computer)

When you are on the site, you can click the padlock or globe icon in the address bar, then More Information, then Permissions to check that Flash is allowed for the site. Or if the plugin notification icon (looks like a small Lego block) appears in the address bar, you can click that.

Thank YOU, JScher. I update the Flash but no change. Still unable to upload to FatCow. It does allow me to open the browse window as before and choose a file (.jpg) but clicking on the upload button, still nothing happens. AS before, like the message above in the FF console says: gBrowser not defined etc. etc. Where would I go for help on this....Mozilla? or FatCow? I'd like to fix this. Dave Mason

Boot the computer in Windows Safe Mode with network support (press F8 on the boot screen) as a test.

And today I tried to print a shipping label in PayPal using FF browser but FF prevented the label print window from opening. Went to Google Chrome and had no problem. Looks like I'll be moving everything over to Chrome, although I don't like the way chrome looks or works. FF spoiled me but until they get these compatibility issues fixed I can't be bothered running two browsers. Dave Mason

Hi oldbloodhound, do you mean the pop-up blocker stopped the new window from opening? That is something you can turn off or allow a site-specific exception for if you want to continue using Firefox.

Recently, there was a different problem with PayPal labels discussed in this thread, where the popup window is stuck on "Please wait....processing": Error Printing Shipping Labels (workarounds discussed, but not solved).

No, jscher. I allow pop ups for Paypal. I read the other question and that is exactly what I was getting, the "Please wait" and then it would hang there. I switched to Chrome and get the Please Wait for a few seconds and then the window shows the label to be printed. It then printed out just fine from Chrome. Again, FF 33 seems to have some new bugs in it. Dave Mason

Hi Dave, because a PayPal account is required and there's an actual cost to generating labels, users like you and the earlier poster can help by reminding eBay and the applicable shipping company of this problem. Forum volunteers and developers are not in a good position to figure out why their redirect isn't working in Firefox 33.