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Plugin-container.exe makes browsing slow: how 2 solve?

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I have reverted to 3.5 because the latest versions of FF include some nonsense called plugin-container. FF was brilliant prior to the plugin-container but now it is noticeably slower.

Are there any early versions of 3.6 without the plugin-container available for download.

Can someone fix the plugin-container nonsense. FF was perfect prior to the plugin-container

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I've had the same problems everyone else has - FF running slow. I just did a system restore and I've refused to download the updates until they resolve the problem. My FF is running fine now. By far the easiest solution.

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@Kain, thanks, but that would not work since I wanted to open the old tabs. Unfortunately a friend of mine opened Firefox so these tabs are now gone.

I am using google chrome now. There is nothing better I can do.

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I don't understand why can't you just open Firefox, then a new tab, and type in the address bar: about:config and do the configurations?

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@silkphoenix, thanks. Yes, I can surely get FF to start, but the problem was I did not save links to the pages I had opened. I trusted FF. Hope the problem gets fixed soon.

Trying Opera now.

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I tried the Alice fix but I must have messed it up. So I ended up using IE to download the 3.5 version and everything works now. But when it asked me to upgrade my dentures almost fell out. I will tough it out with the older model. I don't really care what Fire Fox 4 looks like (within reason of course) but if it has this stupid plugin container thingy this is one grandma who isn't going to upgrade ever.

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I also have the same problem ~ Question ~ How does one know if the new configuration, that is WITHOUT the plugins, has been saved ??? I am running Win XP and F~F 3.6.6. I hope I'm not doing this wrong, BUT: I also have a problem with F~F reloading MORE tabs ~ BOTH in the same window, and/or new different windows so that I have multiple tabs open ~ sometimes over 100 +++ !?!?! This happens fairly infrequently ~ would this plugin thing also be causing this ?

I haven't seen anything new @ my other post concerning this: http://support.mozilla.com/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=1&comments_parentId=116964

Thanks ~ I DO LOVE FireFox over all others, but these problems sometimes FORCE me to use Netscape JUST to check mail !!! Again Thanks to all ~ Steve Roberts ~ BAREFAAXXX <at> aol <dot> com

edited by moderator to replace @aol.com with <at> aol <dot> com (to protect against spam). aw

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Really in my opinion we shouldn't have to work so hard to get the program to work correctly. I've been using Mozilla FireFox for many years now and never once have I had a problem with it until just recently.

When I get onto the internet and open up even the most simple of pages I get a crash error. It claims that Mozilla FireFox has to close and its because of some sort of Plugin-container.exe.

I've done my best to use the program even though it continues to do the same thing over and over again and finally I'm just fed up with it. I'll be downloading Safari or Opera and using one of those programs until FireFox can fix their issues.

As I stated before there is no reason why we should have to work so hard to get a simple program to run for 5 minutes without crashing.

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Hi, I was hit also with the 3.6.6 update and can't believe how bad it affected my whole system.

Who engineered this? Somehow reasonable performance was not in their list of requirements!

I'm now writting this on Opera and I'm amazed at the speed, even before the upgrade.

I also read about the about:config and will give it a try but I agree with the above posters that the user SHOULD NOT be messing with about:config when working with a "stable" version. If I was on a beta or RC they it will be expected to do some configuration changes but never on an installation where people need to have work on!!

Please fix this quick if you want to keep your current users.

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I too had this problem, AND am somewhat afraid of "messing with" the internal workings of my "Pooter" ~ ~ BUT I tried the "about:config" fix and it did work !!! Now, "Plugin-container.exe" no longer appears in my task list and my speeds ~ I use FIOS ~ appear back to normal.

Thanks to the posters who alerted us to the fix, and those who explained it further !!! Apparently, after doing the fix, the settings were automatically saved, which I was unsure of.

I'm SO happy I FINALLY could contribute something ~ I just hope that the ONLY other problem I have EVER had with FireFox ~ that of a 2nd, 3rd, and etc "SET OF TABS" appear out of nowhere, sometimes within the same window, and sometimes extra windows !!! I'm not sure WHY, but if anyone knows of HOW to turn OFF "Hot Keys", if there IS such a thing, please post !!!

Steve W. Roberts ~ ShoalWaterSteve ~ BAREFAAXXX at aol.com

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I am so dissapointed with FF. I have had problems with my pc for a while now and thought it was because of the age of my equiptment. I have just found out that it is FF who is to blame.

I now need a result or I will return to IE.

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As explained above, you can disable plugin-container:

If you want to disable plugin-container, see rjohnson19's post - https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/forum/1/706123?#threadId706192

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Hi I have been a FF user since they 1st started. I have blamed my pc for being so slow while on the Net. How do I speed up my surfing, I have Broadband and at 8mb/s and still seems slow... Is FF the reason? Any advice will be appreciated.

Cheers Paul

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I'm loving this 'helpful' approach, whereby the end user has to reconfigure their Firefox in order to get it to work properly! Sheesh... Tell you what, why don't I do something easier still? Like download a browser that *just works* such as Opera, or Chrome? Once upon a time, Microsoft used to flatter Firefox by copying all of FF's neat innovative features. How times change - now we learn that FF 4 will be a copy of... Chrome! I don't want to leave you, Mozilla, but I just *can't* use this latest version (FF 3.6.6)

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Slow, crashing all the time, wasting my time. Appalling. Fix it or ditch it, please.

Years of great service and now this; still not fixed after weeks of complaints.

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I haven't seen this since installing 3.6.7... keeping my fingers crossed, but it's been several days with 129 tabs open, including youtube and other flash.

plugincontainer.exe still uses an exorbitant amount of memory, but at least it isn't hitting my cpu and freezing up fx. Maybe this has fixed it?

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terrible just terrible. Firefox has been removed and the new browser hunt has begun. Adobe is lousy I miss macromedia at least it wasn't all bloat ware. Hopefully this is removed or fixed as I have enjoyed my 3 years with firefox.

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Chrome baby. f**k you firefox you really ballsed this one, 3 years of excellent service why do this?

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Wow, this is really bad. Playing a YouTube video was immediately making FF completely unresponsive. Took me a while to track this down to Firefox, but once I noticed that plugin-container.exe in Task Manager the penny dropped.

I've been using FF for years and never had any significant problem with it. I don't have any particularly wacky plugins, I have a very recent computer running Win7. I find it really disappointing to have people on this forum patronising people and minimising the problem. Truthfully some of the responses reminded me rather a lot of what you see over on social.answers.microsoft.com!

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging a problem. Anyone who's worked on a help desk (or any other public contact position) knows that people want to feel like they're being listened to and taken seriously.

Disabling OOPP seems to work for me, but in the long run it's an epic fail because even if it gets fixed, I'll never remember to re-enable it on the off-chance that it has been fixed so worthy as it is, I'll won't benefit from it.

That seems like a waste.

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Hi AliceWyman,

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Thank you in advance!

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I have been loyal using ff but this IS ridiculous. I went so far as to completely optimize my computer to the nth degree and make sure all things that don't need to run will not be running when using ff, but it doesn't matter.

As Brent and others stated earlier in posts, we shouldn't have to reconfigure anything. FF was fine before this plug-up container was added. Get it fixed please - just get rid of it.

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