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Plugin-container.exe makes browsing slow: how 2 solve?

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I have reverted to 3.5 because the latest versions of FF include some nonsense called plugin-container. FF was brilliant prior to the plugin-container but now it is noticeably slower.

Are there any early versions of 3.6 without the plugin-container available for download.

Can someone fix the plugin-container nonsense. FF was perfect prior to the plugin-container

URL of affected sites


I have reverted to 3.5 because the latest versions of FF include some nonsense called plugin-container. FF was brilliant prior to the plugin-container but now it is noticeably slower. Are there any early versions of 3.6 without the plugin-container available for download. Can someone fix the plugin-container nonsense. FF was perfect prior to the plugin-container == URL of affected sites == http://

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I'm Helper at http://www.spywareinfoforum.com/SWI and I would like quote your reply with a link to this page. Are OK?

lance_yien, Of course you can quote my replies with a link to this thread. You may also want to link users here:


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Thank you AliceWyman and sorry for the mistakes in my previous post.

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I agree with anonymous - this is rubbish - I get so frustrated with things that don't work properly. I'm changing to another browser.

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I just updated to 3.6.7. I checked the about:config and the entries for dom.ipc.plugins are still there, so I assume the plugin still exists, however I wonder if they fixed the problem with said plugin.

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I have disabled the mentioned settings and my firefox is still very slow and hangs up my entire system. This is a very serious critical problem never seen anything like this with any browsers for years.

I also think many users are also affected just check browser trends..

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Well I have the same problem, FF is eating my resources. But this is obviously a symtom on a much worse problem. The real problem is that Mozilla organization seem to have lost top quality sw developers and now I must go in and fix the problem in my computer. I have a much better fix unless FF soon is released with an upgrade that works properly and that is to use another browser instead. I have been using FF as from stoneage but this is really killing my trust on their capabilities.

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For me FF 3.6.8 is still sometimes very slow. I can't easily switch browser permanently since I am quite a bit dependent on the Zotero extension.

I really wonder what is going on. Is it true that top sw are leaving? Such a thing perhaps does not happen unless the management are not listening to them. This could mean that complicated issues can not be solved. (I am speculating, of course, but I have seen exactly this type of problem with management in a few cases. In one case it lead AFAICS to a sw company break down.)

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SAME HERE! It's messing up my computer. I'm always suspicious of new versions precisely because of this crap. How do I go to a previous version of Firefox?

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Read this thread. There are several posts with links to older version sites.


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When is ff going to fix this damn problem. I shouldn't have to go change my computer settings for some screw-up with the browser.

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The "fix" does not change setting of "your computer", it only changes the settings in "Firefox". Any of your computer settings will not be affected.

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Well...I reverted to 3.5.11, and all is well.

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I am facing the same problem with plugin-container.exe.

I love Firefox for its features. But this is simply annoying, which is making browsing slow, if a flash movie is already running. OR to worst, it crashes the flash movie.

This should be fixed. As nowadays, people are glued to flash movie websites like Youtube. And Firefox's performance noticably gone down in recent versions, in that aspect.

Mozilla.. Hope you are listening!

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Since FF now sometimes still kind of hangs in version 3.6.8 I am now using Google Chrome. I am surprised how well this works GC in much more responsive on ms windows, but I miss features from FF.

I have not tried any of the recipes here (disabling plugin_container or increase the time out in hang protection). Is there any of those that possible could make FF more responsive? (FF actually hangs the whole pc.)

And it worries me that GC is so much more responsive since it has choosen another architecture for ms windows (several processes instead of threads). What is stopping FF from fixing this problems we see?

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I'll recommend you give these two "solutions" a try: disabling plugin_container and increase the time out in hang protection.

They did fix mine (and I believe many other users) the problems. I love GC too but just don't have as many add-ons as I would like. And I really don't care about its lacking of menu bar at the top (which supposedly FF 4 is heading). Maybe I am just too used to have the menu bar showing.

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Hi again!

So I went back to 3.5.11, and at first it was better, but it quickly became painfully slow, even freezing here and there. Unbearable, my friends.

I refuse to go back to Explorer Hell, so I cautiously and hesitantly went back up to 3.6.8 and followed the instructions posted here change the four "dom.ipc.plugins" from TRUE to FALSE. So far so good.

By the way, I was not given the option to switch to "False" by right-clicking on the line. I had to double-click on it, and it automatically switched the plugin from "True" to "False."

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Hi there.

It's possible that you are having a problem with some Firefox add-on that is hindering your Firefox's normal behavior. Have you tried disabling all add-ons (just to check), to see if Firefox goes back to normal?

Whenever you have a problem with Firefox, whatever it is, you should make sure it's not caused by one (or more than one) of your installed add-ons, be it an extension, a theme or a plugin. To do that easily and cleanly, run Firefox in safe mode (don't forget to select Disable all add-ons when you start safe mode). If the problem disappears, you know it's from an add-on. Disable them all in normal mode, and enable them one at a time until you find the source of the problem. See this article for information about troubleshooting extensions and themes and this one for plugins.

If you need support for one of your add-ons, you'll have to contact its author.

If the problem is not disappears when all add-ons are disabled, please tell me, so we can work from there. Please have no fear of following my instructions to the line, as all can be easily undone.

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I know to turn off it. Type about:config in address bar. Then type ipc in search box Then make value of dom.ipc.plugins.enabled to false

Done! Plugin-container is closed now.

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Evidently there is a lot of chatter (epoll_wait4, sendmsg, recvmsg, ...) when stracing the container plugin.

Basically (on ubuntu 9.10/x86_64, 8MB ram, Intel Core 2 T7200 @ 2.00GHz) using ff 3.6.8 I have WOT, xmarks, ubuntu firefox mods, and contextmenu extensions.

I have found these CPU problems occur more frequently as more tabs are opened (more pipe communication visible via lsof). I have over 13 extensions (Divx, MozPlugger, mplayer, OpenSC, Quicktime, RealPlayer, Shockwave, VLC, Windows Media).

Really, why should we all have to disable all extensions and plugins - only to determine there are architectural flaws with the design (maybe via the openness via plugins/extensions)? This is not a job for the faint hearted and a time-consuming project. Can't firefox be 'enhanced' to detect these issues since it is the engine - even if the issues are in plugins/extensions. You mean to tell me mozilla/firefox doesn't have the resources to determine the source of the problem with such a large part of the user community having these issues?

It is a nice product - but becoming increasing unusable. I have been spending too much time running top, killing npviewer, etc. This is a serious issue, IMHO.

Frustrated (longtime) Firefox user, Tom

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You're preaching to the choir mate. See this to know why.

Yes, it sucks that it's not easier to detect which one of your add-ons is causing troubles, but it's very very easy to detect if they are causing troubles. As I said, just start Firefox in safe mode (and tick Disable all add-ons at startup). Firefox's platform (Mozilla) is a very complex piece of software, and the immense freedom it gives to developers (in this case, add-on developers) makes it harder to create a easy-to-use troubleshooting/diagnostic tool for these cases. I hope you do understand that when you say what you say.

Again, it's very easy to detect if it's an add-on issue.

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