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Send link/New Yahoo Mail

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I sent the following to Yahoo and thought I'd post it here also....

Ever since the final "launch" of Yahoos new mail the send link portion of FireFox no longer opens a proper compose window in Yahoo Mail.

It either asks me to sign in but I am already signed in or it places a garbled URL in the body of the message. The send link feature still works fine with GMAIL or OEXPRESS.

These are the Yahoo choices I receive from the right context menu in FireFox when I select send link from within a web page I am viewing... Selecting this link opens a compose window in Yahoo mail but places an improperly formatted URL in the body Selecting this link opens a Yahoo mail sign in page asking for my password. Entering the password does nothing but open a new session of Yahoo mail.

This is all since the "New Mail" launched . Are you guys using a new link that has to be changed in FireFox somewhere????