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Trash folder now has junk icon; deleted mail not going to trash

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My Thunderbird Trash folder for my primary email account suddenly has the Junk icon next to it rather than trash can icon. It is still labeled Trash, however. (On a second account it is, as always, the labeled Trash with the trash icon.)

When I tag something as Junk it goes into this folder (as it did previously; that's how I have it set) BUT when I delete a message it does not go into this folder as it did previously. Instead it disappears altogether. (I've done a search of all folders and it does not locate the deleted message in another location.)

In the Server Settings for this account, it is set to, "When I delete a message: Move it to this folder: Trash on ACCOUNTNAME (IMAP)" This setting also, however, displays the junk rather than trash icon. And the deleted mail is not being moved there.

The Trash folder is not full. In fact it is empty. The Trash folder on my syched (IMAP) phone is also empty.

Thanks for any suggestions of how I can return the Trash to its normal function!