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easiest way to open 2 or 3 windows on my monitor screen

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I want to learn the most direct way to "split" my monitor screen, to have 2 or more web pages or other apps appear on the monitor.

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Are you talking about when Firefox is started?

Open Firefox. Set it up (windows and tabs) the way you want it when it opens. Now open another tab / window. Type about:preferences#general<enter> in the address bar.

There are two settings;

  • When Firefox Starts

When the browser is started, what do you want to display. Many of us choose Show My Home Page.

  • Home Page

When a new page is opened, what do you want displayed.

  1. Use Current Page. Use what ever page(s) are open at that time.
  2. Use Bookmark
  3. Restore To Default. about:home shows a Mozilla home page with tools.

You can use any of these that you wish;

about:home (Firefox default home page), about:newtab (shows the sites most visited), about:blank (a blank page),

or you can enter any web page or about: page you want.

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You can open multiple Firefox windows and resize and rearrange their position on the desktop to suit your needs.

You can also look at extensions: