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Mrs. entries to mailing list #2 changes names in Mr & Mrs mailing list #1 even though both are in address book.

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First I set up the address book with the neighborhood names. Then I set up the same email addresses with the wives names. Then I set up mailing list #1 with the Joe and Jane Neighbor @ their email address for neighborhood parties. Then I set up mailing list #2 with Jane Neighbor @ their same email address for ladies lunches.

OOPS! Any change to mailing list 1 changes mailing list 2 to match. Since the mailing list names are different, why does one mailing list affect the other? How can I force the system to accept different names for the same email address?

I see instructions for merging two names on one address; how about separating two names on one address?

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Mailing lists simply pull together the address book entries, they are no entries on their own. So editing an entry in the address book mailing list edits the base record as there is no "mail list record"

While it may appear nice to use the display name to identify the folks. That is not how it works. You get one display name per email address. If you manually add the same address multiple time to the address book using separate display names and disable the use of the display names in filling list in option you may get away with what you want to do. but when it comes to auto fill you will have to be quite careful which address you choose.

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I believe you are basically saying I can’t do this. That answer doesn’t solve the issue, just makes it Hard. That is, he and she receive a monthly invitation to a dinner, and she receives a luncheon invite. We can merge two names with one address, but can’t separate one address to two mailing lists. Oh well. Some day it will be possible. Thanks. Linda

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I thought I told you have a make it work. It is just a lot more work than what you want.