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keeps crashing for about 10 secs and then starts to work. sort it out firfox. Send us a new update! moving to chrome in meantime

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  • Siste svar av John99

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New update keeps crashing for 10 seconds randomly when opening new webpage. sort it out firefox. send us a new update ASAP!!! moving to chrome in the meantime!

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Sorry you are having problems using Firefox on your machine.

Not everyone will be having problems with such crashes, and unfortunately more information will be needed from you if you would like help in sorting out this problem.

  1. Please look at
  2. Then type into the address bar about:crashes and paste a couple of crash IDs into your next reply. (The linked article also explains how to get that info even if Firefox has startup crashes)

You almost certainly will not solve this by waiting for Firefox updates.

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On second thoughts noting

crashing for about 10 secs and then starts to work.

you may not even be crashing. Possibly Firefox is hanging, or the Flash player is having problems. Are the websites involved ones that include video content ?

Potentially useful articles

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Thanks for your effort John, and you are right not everyone is experiencing this problem but a sh*t load of people are. and it seems to be an on going thing.

Managed to find this link where someone had the same problem.'Firefox not responding for 10-15secs' where 3362 people have reported to have the same issue.

From what i can see firefox themselves have not acknowledged this problem and there doesn't seem to be a solution unless your a computer genius with some time on your hands to experiment and fiddle around.

Unfortunately I'm just an average dumb ass, so looks like I'm going to have to migrate over to chrome for good.

Thanks anyway


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Firefox is highly customisable and used by approaching 1/2 Billion users. It is not surprising some proportion of users have a problem. If only 1% of users have a particular symptom it could still affect millions of users but may have multiple causes,and so posting a me too message may not find the solution needed.

Remember that most computers are able to install and use multiple browsers so you could use Google & Firefox. You are unlikely to be limited to using a single browser. (In fact Window users probably have good reasons for keeping Internet Explorer installed)

One stopgap fix for Firefox problems by the way is to install Firefox Portable as an additional browser. It is easy and simple to install, and does not mess up any existing Firefox installation. If you can install Firefox Portable and it works it may encourage you to look further at the problems that need fixing on your ordinary Firefox install.

Because of the sort of problem you pointed out ( a year ago with Firefox 3.6) where hangs could be missed Firefox recently introduced telemetry, if you turn that on the engineers get anonymised data that helps them to discover and track any such problems.

Crash reporting is also provided, and that is turned on by default ,and again engineers may analyse the data produced.

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hi, im sick of this .... just because firefox is used by 99999 trillion users, the firefox and flash crashing is a huge problem! not just "some" users, MOST OF the users having this problem, but MOST OF the users don't waste their time to report it, they just use explorer or chrome insted or they just dont .... or didn't update since 2.0 or whatever. we, who are like to be *up to date* ...

i had problem with firefox 15 and flash 11.3, then it was ok with firefox 15.x and flash 11.4, now with firefox 16.0.1 it worst than ever! come on guys, don't act like apple, don't play the "whatever, our product used by the whole universe or more, we ...

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Endret av John99

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SOLUTION: install firefox 17 beta. i hope the devs won't mess it up until final release!

Endret av onderon

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I am not sure Firefox 17 beta will help with Flash issues. I do not recall any changes being made in Firefox 17 to fix flash. Unfortunately most Flash issues are apparently dependent upon action from Adobe Flash developers. A workaround for Windows >=Vista users may be to disable FlashPlayer protected mode

Beta and other solutions
I am not sure Beta will solve your problems, but sometimes users do like using it. Advanced users may even consider installing both versions as I mentioned in another thread Firefox keeps 'Not Responding' when I try to load something