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Firefox 18.0 disables Norton 360 v6 Toolbar/ID Safe, and Norton tells me (as of 1/17/13) that the problem is Firefox. Please address ASAP!


I have spent 8 hours on the phone with Symantec, up through and including their executive escalation resolution center to address this problem.

After updating to FF 18.0 (Win XP), my Norton 360 v6 Toolbar/ID safe no longer works. They took control of my computer, troubleshot Firefox in safe mode, removed and reinstalled Firefox, removed and reinstalled Norton, and the toolbar/ID safe is still inop. Note the most recent FOUR hours were spent with their engineering team late yesterday, 1/17, and they are saying that the issue is with Firefox.

NOTE: Although the toolbar itself appears in the Add-Ons section, it shows "disabled", and there is no means/button by which to enable the toolbar.

I told Norton that they should be speaking with Mozilla, but I don't think they "get that."

I think it is an incompatibility issue between Firefox 18.0 and Norton 360 v6.

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Tyler Downer
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Norton says they support Firefox 18, http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Internet-Security-Norton/Firefox-18-Support-for-Norton-Toolbar/td-p/886718

Make sure you have those versions installed. Also, please note that any compatibility with norton is something that Norton needs to fix, we have no control over their add-ons.


Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your reply. As you might imagine, since Norton took control of my machine (in addition to my own vigilance!), I definitely have the latest version of 360 installed on my machine.

Re Norton "saying" that they support FF 18.0, oh, I get it, which is why I had the issue escalated to their executive resolution center, but it is STILL not working.

Additionally, the whole reason I posted this is because I AGREE with you that Norton needs to fix it, but they are pointing the finger at Firefox.


1/18/13 5:00 PM EDT Update:

Just heard back from Symantec's Executive Escalation Department.

They have "finally" taken ownership of this problem and have advised me that they are approximately a week to ten days away from a patch to correct this problem.

I still think it would greatly behoove both Firefox and Symantec to improve their communications with each other, and this would particularly bode well for your mutual customers.

Tyler Downer
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Actually we do have very open lines of communication with Norton, this must have been a slipup on their end. Mozilla can't be responsible for third-party software.


Hi Tyler,

Wherein I would agree that Mozilla cannot be "responsible" for third-party software, I do think improved communications between your organization and Symantec would make things better for all parties -- again, especially your mutual customers.

Though you and some Mozilla colleagues you have may have good communications with some Symantec team members, I can tell you (after EIGHT HOURS on the phone over several days with many of Symantec's support team members/managers) that from their end, the communications are not as fluid as has apparently been your experience -- per them, not me.

Also, when third party software (like Norton) has incompatibility issues with your browser, it adversely impacts Mo/FF because the compatibility issues can drive users to other browsers, certainly not what you want.

Food for thought.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Tyler Downer
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We do have clean channels of communication with Symantec (In fact I've been spending the last two days working with a Norton Engineer to resolve a separate issue we are having), however, they are a much larger company than us so I can't speak for how clear the lines of communication are inside the company (you most likely talked with their tech support / user acing team, and the engineering teams may not share information with them). As it is, we publish our Firefox release dates over a year in advance, and it's Norton's responsibility to ensure their software is compatible.

Of course we are always trying to improve communication, I'm just saying that you probably ran into an Norton internal mis-communication, not Firefox.


Tyler, you nailed it! I have been on both sides of the fence with both engineering and customer facing, and the huge chasm is quite common between those (engineering) who often "truly know" what's going on vs. those (support orgs) who are doing most of the interfacing with customers.


Hi Tyler,

Today, 1/27/13, after additional updates and compatibility fixes by Norton, I was finally able to "enable" my Norton Toolbar in the Firefox/Tools/Add-Ons section, and my Toolbar/ID safe is now enable in FF 18.0 when used with the latest version of N360.

Kind regards!

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I am NOW having that problem and cannot get my Norton to work the same time I use Fire Fox.

I am using NORTON Internet Security 2012. I found the section that someone said to go to FIREFOX Tools/Add ONS section but THEN WHAT? I do NOT see my Norton there...what do I do now? I have tried version 18, 20, 21, of Firefox and cannot get it and Norton to CO-Exist. Soon as I DELETE Firefox from my computer Norton POPS back up all by it self...as soon as I reinstall ANY version do far of Fire Fox..NORTON is NOT there for me to use. PLEASE help! E-mail me direct ly please at: victorymtc ... verizon.net

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Edward27821 9 oplossingen 110 antwoorden

The Norton toolbar is not needed. Norton will scan everything going through you connection (in the background) without the Firefox add-on.

If you download a lot of stuff try IDM http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com then under "options>downloads" type in "C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\Engine\\ccsvchst.exe" or search for the correct path

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