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How do I add a bookmark folder at a specific location in a list of bookmark folders?

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I have a folder that contains a long list of folders. I wish to insert a new folder in the middle of the existing list. How do I do this? When I insert the folder by selecting the enclosing folder the new folder is placed at the bottom. When I select within the list of folders, the new folder is inserted into one of the existing folders. For example, if I have a folder "Alphabet" containing folders A to L and N to Z, I want to insert "M" between "L" and "N", but it either ends up after "Z" or inside "L".

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Are you creating this new folder in the Bookmarks and History Manager (Library)?

  • Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks

You can always use Cut and Paste to move bookmarks or a folder to another position.
Use Shift + cursor Down in the right pane in the bookmarks manager to select multiple items.

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Yes. I am creating in the Bookmarks Manager. The problem is that it seems like you can only create a new folder ( or paste for that matter) at the bottom of the containing folder. The only way then to place the folder in a different position is to create or paste and then drag. Cut and paste won't work (I don't think) because it will paste at the bottom of the containing folder. Dragging is a, uh, drag, if you have a really long list of folders.