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Saving a web page link to desktop doesnt work correctly anymore

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When I right click on a web page to save a link to desk top it doesn't seem to work right anymore. When saving a page to desktop it saves a shortcut icon and also a matching folder with the same name... The two are linked... But my problem is that when opening the shortcut icon to get to the webpage It doesn't look the same as the page I saved and I get a little error box that says "error undefined". It seems that something has changed and firefox doesn't save page links like it used to. Either that or I accidentally changed some setting somewhere. Ive never seen page links saved this way before. Thanks

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Edit: I was confusing Save Page As and Save Link As. Not sure why your Save Link As is behaving that way.

Firefox can save just the page (not including images, style sheets, scripts, etc.) or it can attempt to save everything linked into the page as well. If you see a companion folder, then it probably is the second style.

To exercise your choice, check the "Save As Type" setting in the Save Page As dialog

"Web Page, HTML only" or "Web Page, complete"

That still doesn't explain why "complete" isn't truly complete, but web pages can be assembled in a complicated manner and security rules may be different on a local drive compared with a web server.


To save a shortcut to the desktop, I usually drag the favicon from the address bar. Not sure if there is a faster/easier way.

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you said that you usually drag the favicon from the address bar .so drag it to where

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@grannyjean8, to make a shortcut on the desktop to the current page, I drag the favicon from the address bar to the desktop. Naturally, you need to make the browser window smaller than the full screen in order to be able to do that.