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need to get back to plain browser. no persona comes up under tools.

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I clicked on one of the personal browsers. now want it off. went to support-said go to tools and then persona and then default. Problem: no persona comes up under my tools. Please help me get this persona browser off.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== i just clicked on one of the persona browsers. did not intend to make it permanent. every time i come back to firefox the persona browser is one there.

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Tools > Addons >> Themes - when you're not using the Personas Plus addon

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i need to know how to remove the persona browser from my computer. one suggestion said go to tools then persona then default. DOES NOT WORK if there is no persona that comes up under tools. Can you help? I keep getting redirected to retype my question again . PLEASE HELP.

i don't know how to attach a screen shot and don't even know what that is.

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I want to go back to the previous look - get back away from the new theme.

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Today's date: 21 May 2012. Using Firefox 12.0.

Previous advice for removing a persona did not work for me. I presume that's because either the procedures applied to a different version of Firefox, or that I was too dense to understand them.

In any event, to uninstall a persona that I had previously installed, I selected "Tools", "Add-ons", "Appearance". Both the default theme and the one I had just installed appeared. On the right side of the line on which my persona appeared, I selected the "Remove" button. My default persona returned at that point.