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Firefox ESR 91 MSI latest release

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I saw that ESR 91 has been released, but when I try downloading from this link below. it says that the latest version is ESR 78.


Is there a specific time release? when the link above becomes ESR 91?

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v91 is the current normal Firefox.

Firefox; Extended Support Release {web link} ESR Notes System Requirements

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ESR 91.1.0 was recently released.


the exe version is available in through this page.


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You can use the version selector (Which version would you like?) to choose between 78.14.0 and 91.1.0. Next week the last 78.15.0 ESR and the second 91.2.0 ESR version will be released as part of the two version overlap for switching from 78 ESR to the 91.3.0 version along with releasing Firefox 94.0

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You probably guessed this already, but product=firefox-esr-latest stays with the previous serious until its end-of-life before switching to the new series. This is to protect enterprise installations from unexpected version upgrades during their testing phase (first two releases of the new series are for testing).