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Previously (1-2 years ago) Firefox stored all of my Download History for at least 6 months. Now it only stores this History for 7 days w/o access to older downloads. How can this be changed so I can view at least 6+ months?



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Hi there,

Currently the Firefox versions keep a maximum number of visited page. - Synced tabs will expire in 7 days. - Synced history will expires in 60 days. - New history is only uploaded for the last 30 days.


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Quote: Synced tabs will expire in 7 days

That is no longer the case, this has been gradually extended over the past years and is currently one year (366 days in Firefox 76+).

It sounds that you do not keep the history and that somehow your history is cleaned up once a week. If you use external cleanup software (CCleaner) then check the settings for Firefox.

Firefox manages downloads in the Downloads folder in the Library (History -> Show All History)

  • downloads are treated as history items: clearing history removes corresponding download items and vice versa


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