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How do I login to my Firefox account?

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How do I login to my Firefox account? How can there be 2885 results to this question? I would like to be able to login to all things Firefox with one ID and Password.

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Hello falcon, If you want to login click on your avatar on the taskbar and you should be able to login/sign up.Tell me if I helped and Stay Safe!

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Hi Tommy,

I found the log in the LOGIN in the avatar. My main problem is I would like to have one ID and Pass word for all Firefox options. If i login to Monitor I get message wrong pass word. I reset password then Browser does not recognize the new password. How can I have one ID and one password.

Thanks for your reply, Falcon

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Don't you already login with one ID and Password? Can you please explain a little more clearer(Thats because of ME, not you). Thanks!

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Hi Tommy I know its not clear, its me not you. Its hard for me explain. I don't sign in with one pass word and ID. That's my main problem. Seem every option ask for new ID and password when I set them up. How do I fix? I'll try using my "support" password and change all others to it. I know this is not very clear. Ill try this and get back to you. Thanks for trying to help me. see ya, Ed

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So you kinda want to know how to change your password? Am I right?