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Firefox Android has permission to access my camera, I think a website grabbed a pic of me without asking, how can I see what was uploaded?

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On a Samsung website, at the end of a process to submit a claim in a galaxy watch promotion, my selfie cam suddenly popped up and down again. (Huawei P Smart Z). Firefox for Android has permission to access my camera and photos etc, but I thought a website would need to request further permission before being granted access. Whether this is true or not, I would like to check what image if any was uploaded. There is nothing in the phone's photos gallery. Is there a log or hidden file structure somewhere that I can access to have a look?

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I have looked into this issue with our developers and have been advised that this is a flaw in the underlying Android platform that we have flagged with Google.

This is being caused by the website that you are viewing requesting access to your camera or microphone. We could keep this request hidden, but we think it would be better for you to make an informed choice and it is this request that is triggering your camera. You should not have this happen if you try the new Firefox Preview browser, but in the meantime, you can adjust this in the Android application settings.

If an image was taken, it should be in the picture gallery app on your Android device.