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Synchronised bookmarks are split to separate folders depending on device

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I'm using Firefox Sync to synchronise bookmarks between my (Windows) desktop device and (iPhone) mobile device. The bookmarks are synched but kept in separate folders ("Desktop bookmarks" and "Mobile bookmarks"), rather than together. Is it possible in any way to have all bookmarks - both from my desktop device and my mobile device - synchronised in the same folder instead of separate folders depending on device?

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I would recommend that you keep each set of bookmarks in separate directories as you now have. This way you do not end up using the wrong web link by accident.

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Does anyone know if this problem will be fixed in an upcoming version of Firefox?

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I called for more help.

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I appreciate your reply but that that doesn’t help me. I really want to use the same bookmarks on my mobile device as I use on my desktop computer. Sadly this seems impossible.

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That is the manner that Sync works when a Mobile Firefox version is being synced with a Desktop / Laptop device, there's nothing to be "fixed".