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Multiple Toolbar issues (mostly on the subject of replaceing the Google Toolbar).

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Since the old Google Toolbar has sadly got to the point where it's become totally unusable with Firefox, I've been looking for a replacement for it. Naturally I started by going to Googlebar-Lite but it lacked the ability to predict searches that the old Google Toolbar had.

To make an alternative to this, I tried to position the normal Firefox search bar in the position where my old toolbar was (under all my other toolbar but above my tabs {which are on the bottom of the top menu}) however whenever I tried to make a new toolbar, it would go above my other toolbar (which is a horribly programmed wreck but is sadly something I cannot part with) and my Bookmarks bar. I could not find a method to move either of these and even if I did it seems to be the case that the toolbars that can be added in Firefox's "customize" menu aren't as tall as the toolbars that extensions make (that and they don't seem to be connected to the other toolbars, there's a small transparent gap between them). I then tried to fix this by finding an addon's toolbar and then trying to use the addon's settings to remove everything in the toolbar, and then use the "customize" menu to add the defualt search bar to the addon's bar. Sadly it seems to be the case that the only toolbars that will let me add other things to the same bar that they're on are toolbars that I can't hide or remove everything of.

For example the Googlebar-Lite will let me add other things to it's bar (such as Firefox's search bar or the "YouTube button" addon) but it will not let me remove Googlebar-lite's own search bar. The other cases such as the "WebRank Toolbar" will let me remove every visible feature on the toolbar, but it will not let me add anything that does not come directly from the settings of it's own toolbar.

In short, I need one of the following: 1. A way to make the original Google Toolbar totally compatible with the current version of Firefox (however this is the least desirable of the options, as I will likely just be delaying the envatible day where the toolbar breaks again). 2. A way to make the Googlebar-Lite able to predict searches as both the default Firefox search bar and the original Google Toolbar can. 3. A way to move toolbars as I desire and a way to remove the odd transparent gap that Firefox's toolbar's make (note, this gap may be caused by one of my addons, I will test this later). 4. An addon that will make a toolbar that I can remove all the visible features of and that will allow me to customise the toolbar so that I can put Firefox's search bar onto along with a few other minor addons (again, think Googlebar-Lite but with a hideable search bar).

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hello mu695,

I have read your entire book of complaints (excuse me if I describe it in a way that you don't want, I intend no harm with this). and sadly enough I'll have to inform you that what you ask is not something that can be solved in a simple 1 2 3 solution, the toolbars and addons provided to firefox are mostly from thirth-party hosts or developers. this means that we cannot easily command them to change is depending on those third-party developers themselves when toolbars and add ons get updated, however you might expext an update from google soon as they are known to be fast-responding to these kind of events. also to add to this bad news, I have to inform you that the way the toolbars look and behave is designed within the base of firefox, and as for that they can't be resolved in a day, it would take a lot of work and an entire update to change them, which is sadly enough just not possible for 1 user.

however, I did summarize and file in your text with the developers they are very busy at the moment though, but if there are more people who have the same problem/ feeling as you then you might expect it to change soon in a future update.

I am sorry about the inconvenience that I can't do any more for you but I hope that you will keep using firefox, and that in one of our future updates your request of easily resizeable, customizable and organizable tool bars will be fulfilled.

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Google quit making it for Firefox a couple of years ago.

SEE: Google Toolbar is no longer compatible with Firefox - Here are some alternatives