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-new-window Command Randomly Runs Causing Large CPU Spike (Linux)

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(Pop!_OS distro used) I use a handful of resources to monitor my laptop's resources. The attached image is from the htop command (note that I've been using the laptop at most an hour, and it was compltely powered off before. Unsure why it says such high times.). Over the past four-ish months, I've seen firefox's new-window command (/usr/lib/firefox/firefox -new-window) function very strangely. Two instances of the command randomly run for extended periods of time (anywhere from a few seconds to two or three minutes, often towards the longer end), taking up ~100% of the cpu usage for each given one second interval (the time my htop is configured to check). While I'm aware htop records cpu statistics extremely different than task manager (frankly, I'm not quite sure how it measures), this cpu spike takes place with other irregular fluctuations in my laptop, which says to me that the command is in fact doing something. When the cpu spikes occur, I see my cpu temperature rise up to 80 degrees Celsius, and it's frequency hit it's cap for only a handful of threads, while the rest stay completely unchanged.

To clarify the extent of the randomness when I say the commands run randomly: this happens without any pattern that I can identify. I've had anywhere from 1 to 10 tabs open, resting in the background from anywhere between a couple minutes to half an hour, and two new-window commands will run, unprompted, as described above. I've been scrolling through an article, and out of no where, the twin commands run. I've loaded up webpages and the commands have run. I've been watching videos, simply opened a new tab (ironic given the command name), just anything you can do on the web browser, and the commands have run. And there have been days where this issue doesn't happen at all. This can happen numerous times while I'm on firefox. It could happen once, followed by a lot of intervals of the commands running, or it could be a while before the next time it happens.

The one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb to me is that, as I mentioned at the end of the first paragraph, I see one thread 'catch' and cause this spike. It's a random thread, it can be a different one each time this happens during a given session on firefox, but I've only every noticed it to be one thread.

Not sure what's up. I tried to be as detailed as possible since I could find anything about this on these forums.

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I've tried it in safe mode, as well as disabling all my extensions, but the issue continued to persist. That said, one of the links you provided lead me to the Firefox Task Manager, so I'm going to try that out and see what I find!


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TerryN21 said

Does it happen if you start in safe mode? This article may shed some light:

After using the Firefox Task Manager, I'm not seeing any tab/extension using more cpu than usual when the spike occurs. No change really.

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