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Please put the TABS BAR at the top of each window BACK the way that it was in version 28.0 - PLEASE!!!!

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Dear Mozilla - PLEASE put the TABS BAR at the top of each window BACK the way that it was in version 28. That means I would like to see you:

* restore the FULL DEFINITION LINES around EACH tab, not just the tab that you are currently looking at
* restore the TITLE of the tab that you are currently looking at to the TOP of the tabs bar, centered
* restore the BOLD TYPEFACE to the font-style used as the title for each tab. Enough of this dimmed typeface BS for the tab title fonts. You know what BS stands for right?
You ask the question "What do you want your Web to look like?"  Well I don't think anybody really cares about what I want the Web to look like, but I would very much like YOU to care about what I want my WEB BROWSER to look like - and it's NOT what you have done with version 29.0.  Gee thanks for your time. JB

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Hey jimbonevich,

We spent a lot of time designing the new interface. In our user testing the majority of our users felt like it was a big improvement and it really streamlined the browser.

That being said, we really care about all of our users and not just the majority vote ;) Firefox is SO CUSTOMIZABLE that if you really really want the old look back you can do it with one quick step. This article will walk you through the process!


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Or just use Time Machine to restore Firefox to version 28.0 and NEVER EVER AGAIN DO A MANUAL CHECK FOR (AND INSTALL) UPDATED VERSIONS. Not even once.

Freak you very much for convincing someone to give you a job fixing stuff that isn't broken. Remind me to migrate away from Firefox in the future to something that never changes like GoogleChrome.

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Thank you for trying the new Firefox. I'm sorry that you’re unhappy with the new design.

Here are a few suggestions for restoring the old design. I hope you’ll find one that works for you:

Firefox is a work in progress and your feedback is very important to us. Our support community is run by volunteers (like me) who work hard to help all Firefox users, but we can’t make changes to the design ourselves. Please help us improve Firefox by leaving feedback where the designers and engineers can see it:

The interface you see in Firefox 29 is a major re-design (first one since Firefox 4) of Firefox's user interface called "Australis."

Or if you want to go back to a previous version, completely feel free to use the old, unsupported, and insecure versions of Firefox. Please remember that this puts your machine and personal data at an increased risk. You may then wish to mitigate that by having well rehearsed bare metal restore strategies or using a virtual machine.

Note: I won't provide a link to any previous versions since I'd be offering a less secure and outdated version of Firefox, however, the previous versions are available for download by doing a quick Google search. Please remember to be wary of what sites you download from as they may advertise Firefox 22 for example and package it as a Beta, RC, or other pre-release version and may have malware/adware or other unwanted items.

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Why do you keep changing this?

I have Firefox set up the way I want it and it's PURE ARROGANCE to assume you know better than me how I want it to look.

WHENEVER YOU CHANGE ANYTHING, please provide a buttton that reverts to the way it looked before... You also changed the way it looks not that long ago and it wasted a bunch of my time finding out how to make it usable again.

Your instructions say: "... Find the entry for Classic Theme Restorer and click the Options button next to it. " But there is NO Classic Theme Restorer in the Extensions tab... And I want it to look how it looked BEFORE your disastrous and visually arrogant 29.0 upgrade which may - or may not - be your Classic Theme.

The pundits say Firefox is losing customers, and I know why. Unless you stop this arrogance and let me continue having Firefox look the way I want it to look, you'll lose me as well...

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You mendaciously say "if you really really want the old look back you can do it with one quick step" but this is NOT true.

It's not one quick step, it's a whole bunch of steps, a real hassle and the steps you say to do not work anyway!

Please test the solution first before making us follow something that doesn't work. here's the screenshot proving your instructions don't work - there is NO Classic Theme Restorer in the Extensions tab.

Lastly, the place for the new view options is in THE VIEW menu, NOT as wasted space in my prime position at the end on the right on every page, PLEASE put an option to get rid of this! or at least let me put it somewhere less conspicuous and keep my most used option there as currently...

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While writing, Firefox has long had a problem that the text on the different tabs is very dim, virtually unreadable.

So we URGENTLY need an option to make them stand out more legibly, NOT to make them even dimmer and totally illegible as you've now done in this latest disastrous upgrade...

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I totally agree with jimbonevich in the original post, STOP CHANGING THE VISUAL APPEARANCE. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

If you must change things, then provide a one step button - not a bunch of steps - to get things back EXACTLY the way they were before...

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I've now used your Addon bar restorer to restore the Addon bar at the bottom.

But your interface is all screwed up. The place this option should be is in the View menu - not as a separate addon to download!

Please put ALL such view options where they should be and where they used to be - in the View/toolbars menu...

And the customization option does not work properly. I want to put the new and unnecessary Open menu icon (which should also be in the View menu) out of the way in the addon bar, but it won't let me move it...

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hey moses - you still there? 29.0.1 huh? did you get the word that nobody's looking for a major re-design, or should we just wait a little longer until 29.1 comes out? And what about good Mr. CrisBCT's observation re: the Classic Theme Restorer here - no solutions for him, huh? Or do you just figure you've lost him already at this point? We don't want "sleek new tabs" and "smoother overall look" - WE WANT WHAT WE HAD. Safari's lookin' better and better all the time. happy mother's day

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I understand your frustration and surprise at the removal of these features but I can't undo these changes. I'm just a support volunteer and I do not work for Mozilla. But you can send any feedback about these changes to Firefox developers collect data submitted through there then present it at the weekly Firefox meeting. Also if you have an issue with Firefox, please submit a thread at /questions/new instead of jumping over someone else's thread.

29.0.1 has been released today.

  Or do you just figure you've lost him already at this point? We don't want "

I'm not Mozilla. It's up to each person to decide which browser they want to use. I'm not his guardian. It's up to him to decide what he wants to do and what browser to use. We're not telling him that he has to stay with Firefox. He can happily switch over to Firefox 28 using the Install an older version of Firefox link or he can switch to an alternate browser or direct the feedback to as I've previously said in my initial post to this thread. Same goes for you.

The main goal of this forum is to provide technical support for Firefox and other Mozilla products, not argue back and forth about why Mozilla did this and why they did that. Technical support only.

On another note, this thread is going to be closed since I already answered the topic at hand here which is to put the tabs on the bottom.

EDIT: Forgot to lock thread. Locked.

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Just for the record. I've been a computer engineer since 1980. I owned the first IBM/PC, I paid 12 thousand dollars (with dealer discount) for an IBM PS2/Model 80, I beta tested Windows .99, and I used the Internet before there was really an Internet.

In all that time, the worse damn thing that was ever forced on me is this latest POS Firefox upgrade. I have been an early adopter of alternative browsers, using Netscape early on and Firefox has been my goto browser for ages now. I am now officially throwing in the towel after having to waste my time and deal with this ugly interface. I hate having the tabs on top and there is obviously no way to fix it without installing an add-on, which I usually try to stay away from. I am also sick of being forced to waste my time because of Firefox decisions that are made for me. I hate that Firefox in the past has forced me to update, outright REFUSING to let me open a new window or website until I do. I had no idea this update was installed for me. I just rebooted my PC and there it was. I also just looked and my Firefox setting were somehow switched to "Automatic", which I know was set two days ago to "Manual, do not check for updates". WTF.

I've had it!!! Mozilla needs to rethink the way it treats its users. I am deleting this tonight.

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