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why use xmarks when already can sync bookmarks?-- for possible QuickFox notes app, &does QF provide offline access?

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Hi, i am seeking a lightweight note-taking app that will sync across my windows XP and my Mac OS X (yosemite), and also even my Android phone if possible, and that will provide offline access. In my search, i found a great Chrome browser-based one, but i don't have Chrome nor do i prefer it-- Firefox is the only one i like to use in any system. (I use FF on win, mac, and my phone.) Okay, so in my search for a firefox-based one, i found QuickFox, and in the info for it says, “if you already have either a bookmarks synchronization add-on (e.g.: XMarks) or a file synchronization software (e.g.: Dropbox, SugarSync, Syncplicity), your notes will be synchronized automatically, no more setups! *** It is highly recommended to use Xmarks to synchronize QuickFox Notes ***”

This has me confused-- can anyone please explain? You see, i already have Dropbox installed on all 3 of my systems. (I use OpenOffice now and sync via dropbox between mac and win, but its way too cumbersome/heavyweight/sluggish... i love the lightweight &instantly-syncing Notes app on my Mac but it is not available on my Win XP...) I don't understand if the QuickFox app would use m Dropbox to sync in the same way (?), or what, but it seems that they are recommending this “Xmarks”s the best option-- and what i don't understand is: why use Xmarks,when you can simply use the builtin Firefox sync to sync your bookmarks? (which is what is already do.) What advantage(s) does Xmarks have over just plain old firefox sync for these bookmarks?

(and while i'm here asking things-- would QuickFox be the best Note-app for my needs? (eg. Very simple, quick, win+mac(+hopefully android too)-syncable, and, very importantly-- with offline access? (ie., for when my internet is down,which happens LOTS, it would still let me take notes on my computers, and would then sync when the internet was back up again)

Thanks so much for your help!

(btw, the quote above: "Be nice. Our volunteers are Mozilla users just like you, who take the time out of their day to help." is great, and i think every forum should have it! It always amazes me how many help-seekers can be so rude and demanding, when usually the help-givers are so kind and generous with their time!)

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Have you tried to contact the developer of QuickNotes with your questions?

I have never used QuickNotes. And I have never used Xmarks, due to privacy issues over their TOS.

As far as using Xmarks along with Firefox Sync goes; don't do it. We have seen a number of issues arise when a user has done that. There seems to be compatibility issues between Xmarks and Sync.

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I used Xmarks for years, along with Last Pass, but Xmarks these days seems rather lost in the woods and keeps coming up with requests to "install" what's already installed. I also dislike that it's bookmarks are now being only partly saved, all in "Unsorted Bookmarks" which means one must go back, find that link, and move into some more comprehensive folder. What a waste of time that has become. So I'm in the throes of switching it all to FF Sync but hoping it doesn't lose anything

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... If Sync works as expected, I'll be uninstalling Xmarks, but not until I feel comfortable with it. About passwords, I still wonder about keeping LastPass.

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If using Firefox sync & syncing bookmarks you may wish to backup bookmarks manually before you set that option. Possibly also make regular manual bookmark backups. Occasionally Sync will duplicate or corrupt bookmarks listings. Firefox is pretty good now at making internal automated backups but having known good manual backups is very useful for recovering in cases where the corruption or duplication has gone unnoticed for a while.

If bookmarks are important enough to Sync, they are important enough to backup manually and keep them safe from Sync corrupting them.