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How to export forefox for android bookmarks without sync


ok, so I lost access to my desktop bookmarks thanks to a bad hard drive and then screwed up my sync account by resetting the key so my data is gone. I dont want to sync my tablet because it might erase the bookmarks all together so how can I backup my bookmarks on my tablet without using sync?

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Please see Export Firefox bookmarks to an HTML file to back up or transfer bookmarks


yea that's not what i was asking about, since i deleted my sync data i stopped my tablet from syncing because its the only one with my bookmarks on it . I did so because i fear it may delete them when it tries to sync with the account online. so i need to get my bookmarks out of firefox for android not from firefox from windows, mac, linux.... etc

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Thank you for responding back. I apologize for the mix up. I will find out if this is possible. Please stay tuned.

Thank You!

Nick Alexander 해결법 1개 답변 17개

Hi v666, nalexander, Android Sync developer here. This is a tricky situation, but I think we might be able to recover your bookmarks.

If you have an SD card, I suggest you install https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/android/addon/copy-profile/ and use it to back up the profile saved on your Android device. That add-on is intended for developers, not end users, but it can help if things go wrong.

But I don't want things to go wrong! What we want to do is to sync your tablet to a brand new Sync account; then your tablet should upload all the bookmarks it has to your new Sync account, and your desktop should download them all.

Before we start, can you tell me

  • what version of Android you're on (the UI changes with newer versions)?
  • how you stopped your tablet syncing?




I'm on a galaxy tab t-mobile version on android 2.2

and i went to accounts and sync and turned off sync for the firefox sync account.


well, i setup another sync account and deleted the first account off my tablet and my bookmarks reappeared on my desktop, firefox sync definitely works and even my idiocy didn't let loose my bookmarks. thanks a lot!

Been using firefox since the beta waaaay back in the day.

Nick Alexander 해결법 1개 답변 17개

Huzzah! I am really happy that worked. I wanted to be extra careful about "deleting the first account off your tablet", so I was going to do it one step at a time, but it looks like you got all the steps on your own. Which is great!

Glad to hear that Firefox for Android is working for you. If you haven't already, perhaps review us in the Google Play store?

Best, Nick

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Thanks for helping v666 out Nick! Cheers!

eloj 해결법 0개 답변 3개

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I went through this to successfully recover my bookmarks from a Nexus 7 that was synced to an account for which I'd lost the recovery/sync key. This seems like the best way to recover in this situation.

The steps (again, for the Nexus 7):

1. Disable syncing on device; uncheck checkmark under Settings->Sync->Firefox Sync.

2. Backup using add-on mentioned above. I sent the data to my google drive after deleting the Cache folder.

3. Remove account on device; "Remove account" from menu available at (1). It says something like "Removing this account will delete all of its messages, contacts, and other data from the tablet!". It's lying.

4. With the account removed, verify that the data (bookmarks, whatever) you care about is still on the device.

5. OPTIONAL: Log in to https://account.services.mozilla.com and remove old account. WARNING: This somewhat invalidates the backup -- you should definitely create a new account (new email address) instead if you want to be able to roll back!

6. Set up new account on desktop Firefox. Don't forget to note down the recovery key somewhere. Your desktop stuff is uploaded.

7. Pair the device. The bookmarks (and whatever else) is merged into the new account.

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swohiom4m 해결법 0개 답변 1개

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I dont have desktop bookmarks. I only have the existing android bookmarks on the tablet. When I click the link to Import from Android, nothing happens. My bookmarks are alive and well in Android Internet app.