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I keep getting a request for a userid and password for something about which I do not know

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Message reads:

Authentication Required

? The proxy moz-proxy:// is requesting a user name and password. The site says: "Web-Proxy"

User name Password

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That IP address is in a range registered to Mindwave Research of Austin, Texas, a marketing research firm. Perhaps one of your add-ons or "live bookmarks" is somehow connecting to them?

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Authentication requested: a username and password are being requested by http: and the site says: Private Zone" I need your help to solve this problem..

Thanks! Irishlady09

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Hi Irishlady09, the message doesn't list an actual web site, just http?

Does this occur when you would normally see your home page, or when does it occur?

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I have this problem also. For example, I'll go to it will prompt for proxy authentication, I'll enter it, then it comes up with a similar box to what the OP gets, and it will not accept my proxy login. I've also had issues with FF crashing when the proxy is set using a config script (as the business uses). Using a hard-coded "external" proxy (more open, no authentication) it works fine and doesn't crash.

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Hi hallux, could you start a new question and describe your config script in more detail? I think the others posting in this thread are not intentionally using a proxy.

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I am having the same problem while using firefox at work with our work proxy. I have tried it with every version since 4 and it just hasn't gone away. I am currently on Auroa 9.0a. I manually put in the proxy server and username. Most sites work fine but facebook will pop up the moz-proxy window asking for the poxy username and password every 10 seconds or so. If I use IE 7 or 8 I don't have any of these annoying pop up messages. I have clicked save username and password for the proxy but it still asks for it again seconds latter. This makes firefox unusable for certain sites like facebook, some youtube videos and other random sites I have come across.

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I fixed this the social networking problem by putting setting network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy to the max and adding the AutoAuth extension.