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I am seeing question marks in a black diamond where apostrophes should appear.

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When I view certain web pages I see a question mark in a black diamond where an apostrophe, accent, or ampersand should appear. Changing the encoding works on some sites, but not all.

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This can be a problem with the code on some sites if the text was copied from a source in a different encoding.
Can you post a link to pages where you see that happen?

Sometimes "View > Character Encoding > Auto-Detect > Universal" helps, but this setting can also cause the wrong encoding to be selected, so use with caution.

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Unfortunately, the most problematic pages are on a secure site, so I can't post any links. Although I have experienced it on sporadic pages here and there. I switched character encoding to auto-detect>universal and that did seem to solve the problem for now; however, I am still unsure what caused it in the first place.

I will monitor the status over the next few days, as changing the encoding worked briefly as well.

Thank you