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can't find printers in print window

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Print window only shows PrimoPDF, no other printers. Can see all printers in other apps, can't see them in Firefox. Tried resetting printer and all printer settings. Still cannot see all printers Windows sees in Devices and Printers!! Why can't I see a complete list of my printers in Firefox?!

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Hi Rich, Firefox 69 switched from a proprietary Firefox print dialog to the standard Windows dialog, so you really should be able to see all your printers. With PrimoPDF selected, could you try pressing the Home and/or End keys to move the selection to the beginning/end of the list to see whether they are there, but just not within the viewable area?

One other thought: Could there be a permission-related reason that Firefox shows PrimoPDF but not "real" printers? Hmm, I don't know how to investigate that.

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firefox cannot see wifi brother printer 5 feet from me. pc sees it. everywhere it is fine but firefox cannot see this printer when i try to print from gmail web based email. def. firefox issue.

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I use 4 different browsers and Firefox is the only one I can't print from. I've been able to search printers on all the other browsers to add and print.

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