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Imported profile not showing up

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I have copied my old profile files from a different computer to the new profile folder in: C:\Users\JD\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\h7hk868g.JD Profile

Despite repeatedly trying this, rebooting, re-installing Firefox, etc., my profile settings (bookmark toolbar, bookmarks, saved passwords, etc.) are not showing up.

I am running Windows 7 64bit. The old profile was form a PC running Windows 7 32bit. I have tried both Firefox 32 and 64 bit versions, still no luck.


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In the Firefox folder --


-- there is a file named Profiles.ini which needs to be updated to the unique path of the folder you copied over. By default, I think INI files might open in Notepad or Wordpad, which is fine, you don't need anything fancy.

The next time Firefox start up, it should read the edited default profile path in that file and find your old files.


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Another option is to use the Profile Manager to create a new profile and use "Choose folder" to register the copied profile.

See "Profile was moved or renamed":

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Thank you both for the replies, however, they both refer to adjusting the Profiles.ini file, which is not present.

I looked in both the roaming and local AppData profiles folders, down into the specific user profile folders and there is no Profile.ini (or any other Profile.***) anywhere. I even did a system wide search for such a file, and negative results anywhere on my computer. Next, I tried creating a new profile to see if Firefox would generate a Profiles.ini file, but the only file that shows in the new profile is: times.json all by itself.

Any more ideas? This has already eaten up over 5 hours and I'm going crazy!

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More info... I have checked to confirm that my folders are set to show hidden files, but still no Profiles.ini showing up anywhere.

In the folder that is the default profile, which is where i copied all of the backed up files from the old computer, there are a lot of folders and files, 50 all together. In the new profile that I created through Firefox, there is just the one times.json file.

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Hello, I found the profile.ini file. It is updated and loading the profile, but none of my bookmarks, saved passwords, etc. shows up when it loads. All of the files are in the profile folder, but Firefox is not showing any of that data when it opens. Ideas?

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In Firefox, if you type or paste about:profles in the address bar and press Enter, you should see a (better formatted) listing of the same profiles listed in


Yes? No?

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The profiles are there, and all of my files are in the profile. Firefox is loading the correct profile, but refuses to load my specific parameters. All I get is a bare bones Firefox interface. No bookmarks, toolbar, passwords, extensions, etc.

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I have reinstalled Firefox a few times, so it's not a bad installation. Is there something in the profile file itself that tells Firefox what to load?

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Each profile folder contains one and only one prefs.js file which stores settings such as the URL of your home page and your startup preference. If you copied in a prefs.js file from "oldprofile" into "newprofile" -- assuming Firefox was not running at the time -- Firefox should use the old prefs.js file at the next startup. Period. End of story.

I can make that same statement for the places.sqlite database file which stores your bookmarks and history. Replacing the current file with a file from oldprofile -- again, while Firefox is fully shut down -- should be like a trip in a time machine at the next startup.

Of course, folder structure is key. Make sure the files are at the identical position between oldprofile and newprofile. Firefox will not bother looking in unknown subfolders.