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ნუ გაებმებით თაღლითების მახეში მხარდაჭერის საიტზე. აქ არასდროს მოგთხოვენ სატელეფონო ნომერზე დარეკვას, შეტყობინების გამოგზავნას ან პირადი მონაცემების გაზიარებას. გთხოვთ, გვაცნობოთ რამე საეჭვოს შემჩნევისას „დარღვევაზე მოხსენების“ მეშვეობით.

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Firefox Enhanced Protection Issue

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ჩასწორების თარიღი: , ავტორი: piotr.andrejczuk

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How can we help you with Firefox?

Hi, I'm helpdesk administrator at JetBrains. We use Zendesk software to provide customer support. Recently one of our customers reported a problem with going through our SSO in order to log in to support site. The issue is only happening when Firefox Enhanced Protection is in "strict" mode. Zendesk informed us that issue with SSO being blocked is not on their side. We would like to get to know what blocks the correct loading of SSO page and how to prevent it from happening. I can provide a video of correct and incorrect behaviour of the site and .har files, but only privately.

Try to open Developer Tools (ctrl + shift + i) on the Network tab and reload the page. There should be a list of blocked resources (marked red) with a reason of blocking it.

It could be also something with cookies. Try to examine errors in a Console tab.