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Tabs Crashing

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I have the updated version of Fire Fox. My tabs have been constantly crashing. Not sure what's causing that.

I have the updated version of Fire Fox. My tabs have been constantly crashing. Not sure what's causing that.

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There are a few reasons why you may experience a Firefox tab crash. A few of the more common culprits include: Too many concurrently opened tabs. Malfunctioning or incompatible browser add-ons

Regards, James

Hi James,

I appreciate your reply. The solutions you suggested wasn't really the problem. By doing a little more research, I created a new profile. After going through the motions of creating a new profile, it worked like a charm. Tabs didn't crash and there wasn't any other issues. The only thing I remember doing was updating Firefox and changing themes. Once I done that tabs started to crash on the regular and pages were loading slow. Also open tabs that I revisited would automatically reload.

If you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate it. I'm leaning towards using my new profile.

Im having this same issue. There are only a few tabs open at a time, and the problem just started when i updated to the latest release of FF on my Mac.

I don't want to create a new profile, as this one has everything saved and has been fine for quite a long time now. My Mac has the latest IOS.

Ever since the latest update, tab crashing, which I have rarely ever experienced is now a daily and constant thing. This computer is 4 months old, any other browser I use does not have this issue. I don't know what Mozilla did during this last update but please undo it. It's annoying to constantly reload a page. I tried to screen shot but it won't let me do that either. For the bean counters, I do not have a million tabs open. This happens whether I have one or five, etc. Computer is 4 months old, no weird anti-anything extensions, regular scans, no crazy websites; runs MMPORG games like it's a job; I've never seen anything like this.

Hi middleearthlover

Could you please start a new thread for your issue?

Then you can provide more information like your operating system and installed add-ons.