Hubs keyboard and mouse controls

See the Hubs Documentation for more information on Hubs controls.

Keyboard and mouse controls

MoveArrow or W, A, S, D keys
TurnQ and E or left mouse button
TeleportRight mouse button
Move fasterShift
Show menusHold Space
Toggle menusTab
Toggle microphone muteM
Focus chatT
Rotate objectMove mouseAfter pressing and holding the Rotate button in the object's menu
Scale objectShift + Mouse wheelWhile holding an object
Move object closer/awayMouse wheelWhile holding an object
Drop pen or cameraRight mouse button or EscapeWhile holding a pen or camera
Next/previous pen colorShift + E, Shift + QWhile holding a pen
Change pen sizeShift + Mouse wheelWhile holding a pen
Undo pen strokeCtrl + ZWhile holding a pen
Take photoLeft mouse buttonWhile holding a camera
Increase/decrease media volumeMouse wheelWhile hovering over media
Exit camera mirror modeEscape
Search the webCtrl-[1-7]While holding a camera
Spawn from ChatCtrl-EnterWhile typing into chat box
I'm Feeling LuckyCtrl-EnterWhile searching content




Illustration of hands