Usage Data Changes for Firefox for iOS and Android

Ọnwebeghị onye nyere aka tụgharịa asụsụ edemede a. Ọ bụrụ na ị marala otu ịtụgharị asụsụ maka SUMO si arụ ọrụ, bido ịtụgharị asụsụ ugbu a. Ọ bụrụ na ị chọrọ ịmụta otu esi atụgharị edemede maka SUMO, biko bido ebe a.

Firefox began collecting new usage data to support the Firefox for iOS 39 and Android 94 releases to support personalization and the ability to customize your homepage. This data is stored on the client side only, as part of our existing history database.

Note that we are not collecting any personal information as part of this change.

Usage data being collected and used to support our new features


  • Total view time of the page
  • Search terms if the page was loaded from a search result page
  • Referrer URL if the page was loaded from another page
  • Referring application and/or category (for example, the application Twitter and its category Social that referred to open the page.
  • Document type (regular or media)


  • First and last visit times

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