What happened to my Live Bookmarks?

Ba wanda ya taimaka aka fassara wannan maƙala tukuna. Idan ka riga ka san yadda fassara domin SUMO ta ke aiki, fara fassara yanzu. Idan ka na son ka koyi ta yaya za ka yi fassara maƙaloli domin SUMO, fara daga nan.

As of Firefox version 64, Firefox no longer supports built-in Live Bookmarks but we’ve made it easy to continue using your feeds by performing the following:

  • Your existing Live Bookmarks have been exported into an OPML file on your desktop, called Firefox feeds backup.opml. You can import this file in another feed reader such as a Firefox add-on or a separate feed reader program or web service.
  • Your Live Bookmarks have been turned into regular bookmarks that point to the feed’s origin pages.
For suggestions on other feed readers and more information, see Feed reader replacements for Firefox.
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