Getting started with the Firefox for Android tablet browser

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This article describes how to get started with Firefox for Android on tablets by describing the differences between the tablet and phone user experience (also known as UX). The Firefox for Android tablet user experience displays more controls in the top bar in order to take advantage of the larger screen size on tablets.

Note: Tablets with screens smaller than 7" do not get the tablet user experience. Tablets smaller than 7" in screen size (including phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note I, II and III) get the phone user experience; see Get started with Firefox for Android.

The following image shows the Firefox for Android tablet interface in portrait mode.

tablet 10 inch portrait top bar m26

The following image shows the Firefox for Android tablet interface in portrait mode for 7" tablets:

tablet 7 inch portrait top bar m26

The navigation and menus are across the top of the screen, from left to right, as shown in the above screenshots:

  • Tabs icon - Displays the number of open tabs, tap to show tabs in the sidebar. To hide the tabs in landscape mode, swipe left across the black tab margin. To hide the tabs in portrait mode, swipe up on the current web page.
  • Location bar - Tap the location bar to access your history and bookmarks. Or type an address or search term, then press Enter on the soft keyboard to go.
  • Reload page - Tap to reload the page.
  • Bookmark page - Tap the star to add a page to your bookmarks list. On 7" tablets, the star is displayed in the menu instead of the top of the screen to save screen space.
  • Main Menu - Tap this to access the Firefox for Android menu (7" tablets display the bookmark star in the menu instead of in the top bar).

Firefox is optimized for Android devices of all screen sizes! We'll show you how to browse the Web using Firefox's improved tablet experience.

Note: The tablet experience applies to devices with a screen size of 7" (17.78 cm) or larger. Tablets smaller than 7" in screen size (including phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note I, II and III) get the phone user experience; see Get started with Firefox for Android.


Tap the star icon to save your favorite pages so you can access them later. To remove a bookmark, visit the site you want to remove, then tap the star again.

bookmarks tablet

  • If your tablet's screen is smaller than 10", tap the menu button to see the bookmark (star) button.
Access your bookmarks: Tap the address bar to bring up the home screen where you can access your bookmarks.


Firefox organizes your browsing history by month, and allows you to view websites you've visited today, yesterday or in the past week. To view your browsing history, tap the address bar to bring up the home screen, then swipe to the History panel. Turn your tablet to landscape view to see your history grouped by month.

history tablet 43

Address Bar

Tap the address bar to bring up your home screen, search the Web, or enter a website address.

tablet url

  • Bring up your home screen: Tapping the address bar brings up your home screen, where you can access your bookmarks, reading list, tabs you've synchronized with other devices, and your most visited sites.
home screen tablet
  • Start searches: Search the Web, your bookmarks, history or open tabs, all in one place. Just enter your search and Firefox will match the results as you type.
  • Enter a Web address: Enter the address for a website you want to visit.


Firefox for Android lets you open multiple tabs on your tablet. Your open tabs will appear across your tab strip above the toolbar.

tablet browsing

Open new tabs

Click the plus symbol + to open a new tab.

new tab tablet
You can also open a link as a new tab by pressing down on it, then choosing Open Link in New Tab from the menu.

View open tabs

Scroll left or right on the tab strip to view your other open tabs.

To display a gallery of your open tabs:

  1. Tap the tab number:
    tab number tablet
  2. All your open tabs will appear in gallery view.
    tab gallery
  3. From here, you can also tap the Private Browsing icon to open a private tab for sites that you don't want stored in your history.
    private browsing tablet

Close tabs

To close a tab:

  • Tap the x at the top-right corner of the tab.
  • From the tab list view, tap the x at the corner of each tab. If you have multiple tabs open, swipe each tab sideways to close it.

Menu button

Tap this to use other Firefox features, such as sending content to your Chromecast or Roku, or changing your settings or customizations.

Warning: If you don't see the menu icon on your toolbar, it's because your device already has a menu button built into the hardware. Use the built-in menu button instead. See Firefox menu icon is missing on Android - how to access the menu for more information.

Reload button

Tap this button to see any new changes on a page.

reload tablet

Sharing and synchronizing tabs

Now that you know the basics, see Using Tabs on Firefox for Android for information on sharing and synchronizing your tabs.

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