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Print Option: temporarily no header/footer

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more options

Is there an Add-on that adds an option to temporarily disable printing of header/footer (as in Opera and Chrome by checking or unchecking the header/footer option)?

If you only sometimes want to print without header/footer you have to go through several steps to manually disable and later again to enable header/footer (Print > Page Setup: Margins & Header/Footer and set all fields to blank and later back to their previous values). Obviously, this is not really user friendly.

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more options

That would require to have two sets of print prefs for each of the two situations and swap between them.
A possibility would be to do that with an extension like Custom Buttons or PrefBar that allows to create your own toolbar buttons.

more options

Thanks. I had a look at both of them. Both require you to code such a button yourself. I could not find any ready code sample that I could use (anyway I would not have the necessary knowledge to adapt the code). PrefBar offers preconfigured buttons but none solves my problem. The "Printing" button gives you just a quicker way to access Page Setup (instead of going via Firefox menu). You still have to manually disable and later again to enable header/footer. Even if you clone and rename the "Printing" button, your changes to header/footer always affect Page Setup of your clone and the original "Printing" button. Unfortunately, a solution is still pending.