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Suddenly lost my Lockwise Passwords

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  • 1 oguereko ko apañuãi
  • 18 Hecha
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Hello Everyone,

I have a Firefox account and I used to have all my passwords saved in Lockwise app (on my Huawei mobile) and in Lockwise section on my laptop (Linux) and all these passwords were synced across all my devices. I changed my mobile to IPhone and I didn't install Lockwise but I was still able to get to my logins via my laptop. And I was very cautious that I kept syncing every now and then.

The problem is that I formatted my laptop recently to windows 11, when I installed Firefox on my laptop again I was expecting to be able to retrieve all my passwords (around 200 entries) since everything was synced, but to my surprise everything was lost except for 16 entries.

Is there any way to backup my old list of passwords?

Please note that I still have my old phone (Huawei) with the old passwords list and the auto sync turned off. Is there any way to backup these passwords from Huawei to Iphone and to my Laptop?

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