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Exporting just one folder of bookmarks from the bookmarks toolbar

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I would like to export a folder (one folder only) of web page bookmarks so that friends can import it and have instant access to my recommended web pages.

I know I can export the whole bookmarks file as an HTML file, and I can edit that in notepad but I don't know how to save it back to a Mozilla bookmarks HTML file so that a friend can import it and find one new folder on his/her regular bookmarks folder - with all my helpful wep page bookmarks lined up neatly inside. 

I also know I can edit down my bookmarks to just that one folder then export that - but I'm afraid of losing all my other precious bookmarks in the process.

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(Oh, haha, just found a much better way. See my other reply.)

So this does require editing the HTML File, but this tool makes it a breeze. It ensures all the syntax nesting, etc is properly setup, which is the hard part. If you have any trouble, give me a shout out and I'll make a screencast.

1. Export the bookmarks as an HTML File. (google importing exporting bookmarks as html for instructions. This method will work for chrome and Firefox, haven't tested on Safari)

2. Open in Notepad and Save as new file Ex. MyBookmarkFolder.html (we'll need the original in a minute)

3. Go back to your bookmarks in the browser. Copy the name of the folder you want to start at. Make sure it's exactly the same.

4. Find that text in the file you have open in your text editor (Ctrl + F = Find)

5. Delete Everything before that.

6. Copy the file/folder you want to stop at (It doesn't have to be nested equally deep)

7. Find and Delete Everything after.

8. The Beautiful part. Go to this page, and paste everything in the top box and hit "run"
That will make sure all the syntax is properly setup so your browser can import it properly.

9. One last step before import. The original file you exported at the very top it'll have stuff life
<doctype /> < meta >< /meta > < title >< / title > Etc
Copy everything down to the very first < DL >(about 5-10 lines?) and paste that into your newly formatted file (make sure you don't have to < DL >'s in a row)
At the very end of the file, make sure it ends with a </DL>

Then you can import the file!
Of just the bookmarks you selected

Athraithe ag son0fhobs ar

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If you just want to share bookmarks, [|Xmarks] Xmarks is the way to go. It syncs your bookmarks online, and they have a nifty little share feature. But I don't think they can pull those bookmarks straight into their bookmarks bar.

If you want to get creative, use the syncing feature to sync only the bookmarks you want to share. Keep only those on the Xmarks server. Then export all those as an HTML File. Voila!

Haha, in figuring this out, I'm sure I'll start using it!

Xmarks isn't a bad service to have anyway, and it only takes a couple minutes to get rolling.

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son0fhobs, you're the main man. Going to try this soonest. Might get back to you - bit of an analogue relic here - but you write good instructions.



P.S. You a keyboard man? Check out my website I want to send people a folder of bookmarks of all the site pages as a navigation aid - just so you know!

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Hi Son0fhobs, getting back to you on this method

Nearly there! The only thing I don't get is my overall enclosing 'MUSICARTA pages' folder. Everything from 'Musicarta home page' down (see image) is there.

Significantly perhaps, there is an empty folder just above the imported bookmarks called (no title) and one the same just below.

The header section of the bookmarks.html file looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1>
<!-- This is an automatically generated file.
     It will be read and overwritten.
     DO NOT EDIT! -->
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
<H1>Bookmarks Menu</H1>MUSICARTA pages

How do I tweak that to get the enclosing MUSICARTA bookmarks folder?

Thanks in advance!


Athraithe ag cor-el ar

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Son0fhabs, a P.S.

that's not what the header code is, it's 'displaying' or whatever you call it.

It actually reads

<H1>Bookmarks Menu</H1>MUSICARTA pages


Athraithe ag cor-el ar

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P.P.S. Again, NOT!

That 'Bookmarks Menu' is in H1 tags