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Roboform in Firefox no longer has toolbar

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I submitted a ticket to Roboform and got this response....

[quote]In our new version we have switched to new Firefox extension based on WebExtensions API. New Firefox extension is Chrome style, so it does NOT have RF toolbar:

My main question is, is this a Firefox problem with moving to WebExtensions API or is it RoboForm not developing a separate toolbar and just going with the Chrome addon.

To either I would say....If I wanted Chrome and its features/worthlessness, I would use Chrome. I use(d) Firefox do the the way I can dock bookmarks on the left to have them open all the time and how the toolbar for RoboForm made everything so simple.

Please let me know whos fault/problem this is so I can either switch browsers or switch password managers (still have close to a year subscription left but this non-toolbar is a deal breaker so I would gladly leave early).

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Obviously it's an extra step to access a drop-down menu than to click a displayed button on a bar. But is the drop-menu less complete than the old horizontal toolbar?

The last regular release of Firefox that will support old-style extensions is Firefox 56, so that doesn't take you very far. The Extended Support Release of Firefox 52 will continue to run old-style extensions and get security updates through next June.

I'm not sure if you can roll back the change from toolbar to button/menu simply by switching to Firefox 52 ESR. Another user rolled back to an unspecified older version and did get the toolbar back, but I don't know which one it was.

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ffw62 said

KnightRid said
ffw62 said
I usually have Roboform update automatically, meaning I don't download the full installer .exe, meaning that I don't have v8.3.5.5 anymore. AFAIK Roboform does not offer something like download an older version. From what I understand above is that you are still 'enjoying' the good-old way of working with Roboform? If so, I should try to get hold of that old version... =

Yes. You can find it online but if you do not trust them I can try to get it to you. I hate you can't do private conversations on here. Lets see if they allow links - - dunno if the account will run out of bandwidth or not but hopefully others can share too.

Thanks. It isn't going to work, BUT.. don't worry, I just got hold of the official version (from Roboform site)

However... I am not sure whether or not to install it (considering the reported crashes.

Also I am at 50/50 considering Chrome with Firefox as backup, for cases where specific add-ons are required.


That download should work as it is the official one from the website but since you already found it, you should be good to go. I do not know why people are having crashes but i have never had one and I am on my system for no less than 4 hours per day. If you install it and it crashes for you, you can always update to the latest version again.

I have read that Internet Explorer has the toolbar still so I may have to switch back to that to keep the full functionality I like from Roboform but not sure about Edge.

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Hello again, Though it might clash with your first preference and I shouldn't be writing this in a Firefox forum... you might wish to give Chrome a chance. I did so in the past, but, as said, it did and does not support a few add-ons that I like to use, so I kept on using Firefox.

I changed to Chrome just recently. Roboform works (very) work well with that browser. At least with me.

For me, speed isn't that important. Add-on support carries more weight, the usability so to say.

Probably, in case a browser is used beyond its defaults (read: add-ons are added to make it work according to users' wishes), then one may need to use two browsers, depending on the task.

Some add-ons don't work equally well within Firefox and Chrome.

- Roboform within Firefox is complex to say the least (okay in Chrome) - Print Edit in some cases may not working well (okay in Chrome) - DownThemAll - there is no Chrome version - Youtube Downloaders - Firefox okay, Chrome forbidden etc.

Right now I have set Chrome to be my default browser and will use Firefox as backup.

Edge still has a lllong way to go. Doubt whether Edge is Microsoft's first priority.

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ffw62 said

... you might wish to give Chrome a chance.

I obviously can't speak for everyone, but I have personally tried Chrome and I HATE it (with passion!). While it supports add-ons it does so by forcing them to be part of a rudimentary button structure that requires too many clicks and offers no customization.

Firefox under the new FORCED approach that its new CEO is pushing down our throats is basically a copy-cat of Chrome. The reason many of us (Firefox users) are using Firefox is not because we haven't tried Chrome, but because we liked the customization of Firefox that Chrome doesn't offer.

Athraithe ag witschey ar

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Don't worry.. for a long period of time Chrome wasn't on my list either. I've been loyal to Firefox as from v1, but starting with their decision to support WebExtensions and Roboform working crappy (you and me and many others spending a lot of time in trying 'to make Roboform work' whilst using workarounds, changing settings, whatever), I gradually ventured off to Chrome. Regretfully so, I must confess. With Chrome at least the Roboform toolbar sticks (with FF each time it was gone, no matter what I tried), some log-ins are working better (or faster). e.g. Google Sign In, Disqus.

So... with quite a bit of regret, Firefox more or less 'pushed' me into the hands of Chrome. I didn't want it... and actually still don't want it, but they leave me no choice. Improvements (Web Extensions) sometimes aren't improvements for the users. Sometimes new versions of software are sold as improvements, but old-time users don't like the new software. (e.g. SnagIt, it has developed to v13 but many, many users didn't like v12 and v13 so they are still using v11. SnagIt developers have taken out many features or made them only available after a lot of extra clicks, changed the GUI, etc. Old time v11 users went back to v12 and TechSmith had to do a lot of refunding. SnagIt developers hang on to the new GUI with less features = less programming, and don't listen to their users, even though they say they do)


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I have been working with Chrome for 2-3 weeks now. Have to confess: it works flawlessly. , . really. Usually, within this period Firefox would have generated one or two 'WTF is this again'-issues.

As for autofilling user-id's and passwords on Android : Chrome on Android also works perfectly there. Some non-important user-ids and passwords (like for a few forums that I wish to access using my tablet) are saved within Chrome and synchronized with Chrome on Android.

Have been a Firefox-fan since 2004/2005, but made Chrome my default browser now. Hopefully their v57 (November) version is going to be revolutionary indeed.

Just my 2 cents.

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