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Many bugs and crashes with Firefox

Many bugs and crashes with Firefox 1 Not able to install an automatic update, via the Menu Help --> About Firefox (or Thunderbird). This bug / problems sits alread… (mear ynfo)

Many bugs and crashes with Firefox

  1. 1 Not able to install an automatic update, via the Menu Help --> About Firefox (or Thunderbird). This bug / problems sits already inside the earlier versions of Firefox and Thunderbird.
  • A No new version is shown.
  • B Firefox (or Thunderbird) tries to download / install this update, bug become someway corrupted and also stuck in this process.
  • C Firefox (or Thunderbird) says to apply the update you must restart the program. After Firefox (or Thunderbird) was restarted, the program keeps trying installing or downloading this same or another update. I see a spinning circle only, no progress bar. Waiting, trying again later or another restart from Firefox (or Thunderbird) does nothing.

Only way to update Firefox is via Which always shows the wrong language. Only way to update Thunderbird is via Here, I can click on letter from my language and download the setup package. After this update installation was done, the Help --> About (program name) window show the program is last version. But not seems not always the last version, like version x.x.01 to x.x.02, then tries to install this newer small version and gets stuck in the same loop or corruption.

  • D You must use the setup package, because the installer doesn't work, likes to abort the installation and shows error messages about something gone wrong. Installer package is incomplete or damaged, not for current version and Windows.
  • E For last newer versions, they seems not working anymore directly. The program can be restarted once or few times before it seems working. Until other bugs appear.
  • F Always adding a new and faulty shortcut, but I have already a working shortcut on my Desktop. Icon hasn't logo from Firefox or Thunderbird, but the setup icon.
  • G Sometimes you cannot start Firefox or Thunderbird, due the update did something wrong.

Missing file(s) and/or some strange error message after I clicked on the shortcut from the program. Another run from this "update" setup is needed. Remove a or all "Firefox.exe" from the Taskmanager list.

  • H Bug that stops add-ones working. This can be happen due the general function / thing for add-ones inside Firefox crashes, become bugged or corrupted. 1 add-one or more add-ones take the others and stop working, become bugged or corrupted. Add-ones will forget things, their work / functions or do it halfway. Has something to do with the installation and/or data from add-ones. They seems to not having support or do anything about their problems.
  1. 2 Random many crashes without any useful (error) messages, can be with closing the program itself.

Already from earlier versions of Firefox. And also Thunderbird too. This bug seems to sit deep inside the programs. I should be to use Firefox, Thunderbird, Notepad together, with having a some folders open. Switching between them can be annoying slow. Takes longer time be before responding. I'm seeing empty white or black windows. Only last selected section is visible, has the text and smaller pictures. I can have Firefox and Thunderbird left open for hours and later finding one or both programs are closed by itself. No reason, no permission given to do that. Add a new tab or click on a current site, there is no (fast) respond. Same for buttons, filters and filling in forms on a site. One program can pull the other program in closing to when the one is crashing. Also Windows will show several error messages about programs are using to much memory and must be closed. If this has programs listed, then Firefox seems to appear most here of the programs I'm using.

Updating doesn't fix anything Using the safe mode and new profiles are no long time solutions, every time anything is gone or nog working better.

It seems you must have 2 profiles running at same time when you want read something and not switching back between every minute or so. If 1 is near crashing, you have still the other one running.

  1. 3 Why I'm seeing 20x to 72x a Firefox.exe in my Taskmanager? They takes a lot of memory, showing different sizes. I started Firefox once. This is not needed.
  1. 4 Some sites seems to not work in Firefox or takes longer time.

Same for responding on clicking, using filters, buttons and sending forms. Clicking on those (annoying) accept (popup) windows. Unable to login or confirm an (security) action like this with a word or number given via e-mail. Might be something for the site. When you need to use Private Browsing for this.

  1. 5 Icons from installed add-ones don't appear in main bar, at right side. How to use them? Before they did.
  1. 6 Site using third party host sites are slow and mostly don't work. Connection errors.

"Seems fine here, but something with you". Refresh page doesn't fix it. Wait and try again later, how long? Firefox should block these sites.

  1. 7 After updating to Firefox version 115.0.2 and continue my last session, there are appear several new bugs.
  • A I cannot longer visit sites. Even earlier visited sites don't load. Firefox keeps stuck in loading or receiving site info data. Sites don't appear, just an empty (white) page. Also about:support doesn't work. Strangely, I can visit but not open any site from there. I tried Private Browsing, so no add-one can do something with this.

I had Firefox running for some hours, these sites are still stuck in "loading" or something else.

  • B Right click to open a site or page in a new tab doesn't longer work. Right click menu appears, but action will not be done. Which can be strange at top, missing or changed items.
  • C Same to copy line of text or picture, action isn't longer "remembered".

Now, I created again a new profile and again this doesn't fix them. Even more bugs and stranger. Again lost everything, settings, sites, installing dictionaries and add-ones. Stupid.

  • C1 I can visit websites, but with some strange things, not always working fine.

That makes it to post my problems here.

  • C2 Cannot longer type keywords in the addressbar and after pressing Enter, you should visit Google with search results. Firefox thinks the given keyword is a not existing website.

In Settings (via about:preferences#search), there are no search engines (Google, Wikipedia, ect) in the list, who should be there by default. Also there's no default search engine selected, the list therefor is small and empty.

  • C3 Yet visited near 10 sites, who I cannot visit any of the sites with my other long time using profile. Then Firefox crashed by random, white empty window. Windows adds not responding at end of the program's title bar. I could restart Firefox after that, get the "continue after a crash" tab and revisit any of these sites in their opened tabs.
  • C4 A site keeps saying cookies are disabled / denied, while minimal are accepted when some of that stupid (popup) windows did show. This means: Some stupid messages don't disappear after clicking "OK", the "X" or close buttons / links. Site might not work fine or on some parts. Something can follow you browsing through the site. Not able to visit that site or part.
  • C5 A site keeps saying there is an ad-blocker installed, but there is no add-one like that installed. This means: Stupid messages like these keep appearing; site cannot work fine; you cannot visit the site due some invisible wall or blocking thing. Some can follow you browsing through the site. This is very annoying.
  • C6 With one profile I cannot longer open sites who worked before. Keeps loading, shows URL in addressbar and on the tab.

And the about: .... pages. While with a new profile I can visit those sites, but right click menu is bugged.

  • Cannot open site or page in new tab. Only on Google based sites are working for unknown reasons, but not YouTube.
  • Missing items or I can see more gray things and lines.
  • Cannot copy selected text. Stil having old or wrong text.
  • Cannot Search with Google, this option is missing.
  • Cannot see the source code from the page, due action is not happen.
  • On sites that are working you can only read that current content. Can open links in new tabs, but their pages are empty / white, keep loading forever.
  • A few sites don't load and still giving a empty page. Loading takes longer then needed. For same site.
  • Use Google by typing the keyword in the addressbar doesn't visit Google site, but Firefox thinks the site doesn't exist, is wrong typed. You must go to and typing the keyword in the textbox here.
  • If a site worked first, then later it cannot working longer, keeps stuck in loading and showing a empty white page / tab.
  • Login for some sites is not longer possible, email send with security word or number doesn't appear. I can send myself a test e-mail to this e-mail address. Waited the time enough and made a new attempt, still the same.

Windows PC. Firefox version 117.0 x64. Via Help --> About Firefox, because about:support doesn't show the version and build.

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