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Downgrade Firefox version 38 to 35 on Mac failed even when Preferences > Advanced > Update - was set to 'Never Check for Updates' after downgrade

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I originally installed Firefox version 38 on Mac but later realized that I am expected to have only version 35 for my business. I downloaded Firefox 35. Uninstalled Firefox version 38 and installed version 35. As soon as I installed version 35, I went to preferences > Advanced > Update and set it to 'Never Check for Updates'. I closed the Firefox 35 instance and removed from Dock. Later I launched Firefox 35 and went to 'About Firefox' and noticed that browser instance started downloading new files and version 35 auto updated to version 38. I repeated same procedure at least 2-3 times but no luck. I also tried using about:config option and set preferences as follows: - false app.update.enabled - false app.update.silent - false But no luck. Can anyone advise how to get this Firefox downgraded to version 35?

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Firefox 35 is no longer supported. Is there an actual reason why you can't run Firefox 38?

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I need to use Firefox 35 because we are using lower version of Selenium for test automation. We need to use version 35.

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The "About Firefox" dialog always checks for updates. If you do not want to check for updates, do not call up that dialog.