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How can I save a page complete so that I can take our a print later on with its complete texts and pictures.I want that the copy of the page when printed should be exactly the same with all the details.

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When save a web page and try to take out print the pictures in the web page are not coming in the print.I want to know how to save the webpage so that when I take its print it comes out in its entirety without loosing any details of the original webpage.

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If you drop down the "Save as Type" list in the Save page dialog, you have the choices of HTML only (images not saved to your computer) and HTML complete (images are saved to your computer). Neither of these is perfect.

If you really need a record of what you see today, I suggest printing the page to PDF. There are a number of free print-to-PDF products, as well as paid ones. This isn't perfect either, because some sites look different in print than on screen, but it avoids the problem of sites changing or links breaking after your browsing session ends, etc.


If you have an example of a page that can't be printed as it appears on the screen, you could post a URL. For example, many blogs print in an "unstyled" format.

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