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Desktop view as default

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more options

Why is it not an option to turn it on permanently? Most of the web pages I visit cripple my experience because of that crippled mobile view forced by many sites and albo forced by Firefox for android. It's like children view, a view for a person that never used a smartphone, a person that is sluggish, with very thick fingers, that shouldn't maybe use smartphone at all. Desktop version is the best browser the is for PC with tons of addons and is very customizeable and somehow the mobile version tries hard to never be. To be honest I have enough of that mobile experience and probably will switch back to Opera

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more options


Tools are available for web developers to make their sites great on mobile, so I can understand your frustration.

Being able to see a website as it is on desktop is there as a backup in case the site is not designed for mobile, but I believe that the option may be made more "sticky" in future updates.

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