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Does Firefox has a similar tool to one of IE tools "Compatibility View settings"?

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I'm getting a message "Web Browser version 0.0 not supported. Please upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0 or up." when tried to access one of my company webpage.

I encountered this same issue when using IE but were able to resolve it by adding the page using IE Compatibility View settings in Tools.

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Hi, no. Firefox reads the code as per W3C Standards that set them for websites and for web browsers.

IE compatibility mode is there browser was not good enough and broke code all the time and people had to write work arounds for IE. That was what their compatibility mode was,

If a page does not render properly there is always a reason. If you want to see how badly the code is written upload or give the URL HTML CSS

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Firefox only works properly with w3C compliant code like posted above.

Can you post a link to a publicly accessible page (i.e. no authentication or signing on required)?