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Why did you drive your CEO out because he doesn't support LBGT? Now I can't use your browser because I don't support YOUR decision.

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Who and what your CEO supports is his own personal business and should have nothing to do with whether or not he is capable of running your business. I'm sick of the PC environment in this country and I think it's sad that so many good companies are folding to this stupid PC pressure. When is someone going to stand up to these bullies whether it be LBGT, or Athiests or whatever. I'm very disappointed in you Mozilla and until you issue a public statement saying your firing of him was wrong I nor any of my friends or family will use or recommend any product that Mozilla produces. Just thought you should know.

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Hello, you are bit late to the frenzy, but since your post is likely stemming from lots of misinformation that was flying around, here are some sources to get your facts straight:

Brendan Eich was not fired by Mozilla, it was his personal decision to step down. In fact he is still a Mozillian today...

Since this forum is a place primarily for volunteers and fellow Firefox users to provide technical support for Mozilla products and not a general place for discussing policies, I'm also going to close this thread.